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Ever since I started using a tablet, I’ve been on the lookout for good accessories for them. Right now, I have the rather large 12.9-inch iPad Pro from Apple. Throughout the years, I’ve had the standard 9.7-inch iPad, the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2, and even the iPad Mini. Each device has their virtues, but they all share a common problem — no easy way to stand up. Apple tends to release cases that are intended to work directly with their products, but some are too cost prohibitive for simple tasks. Sometimes you just need a stand. That’s what the eniTAB360 from FiloFax is all about.

The eniTab360 is a universal tablet holder that is compatible with any tablet. There are two sizes — small and large. The large (the size that I am currently using) is intended for tablets with screen sizes between 8.5 inches and 13 inches. That means it can accommodate my very large 12-inch iPad Pro. That was somewhat unique in that there aren’t many ‘universal’ tablet accessories that will also cover the larger ‘pro’ versions of the tablets. This stand is very lightweight and portable. It doesn’t add a whole lot of bulk to your tablet, but it will prevent you from using a standard case. I can still use my Smart Keyboard (Apple) with it, but since part of its function is as a kickstand, there isn’t a whole lot of point in using the two accessories together.

eniTab360 Tablet Holder REVIEW

The eniTAB360 uses a sticky pad to adhere to the back of your tablet. It will rotate 360-degrees and has a 0-140 degree adjustable friction hinge for a variety of viewing angles. There is a non-slip rubber foot on the edge for added stability. It’s made from ‘strong injection molded ABS construction’ and has a smooth stone finish for a simple, but clean look.

I have used other kickstands before with smaller iPads and enjoyed them except for the fact that I can’t use other cases with the tablet at the same time. The eniTAB360 does a nice job of providing a sturdy, stable foundation for the iPad Pro. It comes packaged with a removal tool, which is essentially a plastic card that is a bit smaller than a business card, and a manual that gives you basic instructions for installation. The first thing you should do is clean your tablet. This will ensure that the eniTAB360 can stick where it is supposed to stick. Next, you line up the tablet holder with a centralized spot on the tablet. I chose the Apple Logo. Then, you press down on the sticky pad and wiggle it around a bit. This will release any air pockets that might be trapped beneath the pad.

eniTab360 Tablet Holder REVIEW

Even though you have a variety of angles to choose from, there are four main options that the manual calls out — portrait, landscape, typing position, and portable. Because the stand is so flexible, I was a bit concerned about the typing position and if the iPad would remain stable. To my surprise, it was quite easy to type using the eniTAB360. I thought it would flex too much, but it didn’t.

eniTab360 Tablet Holder REVIEW

The eniTAB360 is a nice, portable solution for tablet users who don’t want a lot of attached accessories. It’s moderately priced at $19.99 USD for either size and it holds its own against even the larger tablets.

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