The World’s Going Dark: How To Enable Dark Mode On Your Favorite Devices And Apps

Staring at bright white screens littered with black words for hours upon hours a day can take its toll on our eyes. While the typical black-on-white format of the web has certainly proven its effectiveness time and time again, the influx of darker designs as of late has certainly lent itself to ensuring users are given a break from the glaring colour choice. Rather than black on white, we more often see white on black, giving us a much-deserved break from the brighter alternative.

It might’ve started as a design choice, but now, it’s becoming a standard setting on thousands of our favourite devices and apps, giving those of us wanting to scroll at night, or those who have a particular liking for darker designs, the option to enjoy it in comfort. If you’re one of them, here’s how you can switch to dark mode on some of the most popular devices and apps:


As accessibility in gaming grows in demand, dark mode seems like a given for most apps and games. However, not all devices can support dark mode. While Mac has taken the lead in terms of Dark Mode, perhaps a move to compensate for certain restrictions on their OS in terms of gaming (let’s face it, Mac users have had to cope with frustrations with lack of compatible programs – especially relevant in niche spheres like online casino), plenty of others are still lagging far behind in accessibility and preference. Popular battle royale game PUBG has only just introduced a night mode to its game, kid-favourite Roblox only has a beta, outside-produced dark mode, and even Mac’s competitor, Microsoft Windows, hasn’t got a dark mode that covers every programme you open. What we can rely on, however, is our consoles. Here’s how to enable dark mode on:

Xbox – Settings > Personalisation > Theme and Motion – you can switch on Dark Mode from here. You can also enable a mode that changes between light and dark depending on the time of day.

PS4 – Settings > Themes > Default. Here, you can change the background to black, which inverts the text etc.

Nintendo Switch – System Settings > Themes > Here, you can turn on the ‘basic black’ option, which is the device’s version of dark mode, and a pretty good one too.

Enabling Dark Mode on Your Favorite Apps


Apple has always fought to be ahead of the curve, so it’s no surprise that they’ve got their very own version of ‘Dark Mode’, with a bit of added extra for fans of smart technology. Their ‘classic’ invert options simply switch the color of the screen, but the ‘smart’ invert, will invert most features on your iPhone, but features like photos, icons, videos and more may keep their original color. It’s a feature that’s taken some smoothing out and isn’t a true dark mode option, but it certainly works for those just wanting a bit of easier reading at night.


To switch on colour inversion, you need to:

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down and tap ‘general’
  • Tap ‘accessibility’
  • Tap ‘Display Accommodations’, where you will find both ‘colour invert’ and ‘smart invert’ options.
  • Switch either on as desired


In a similar way to iPhone, Android phones don’t all have a true dark mode available to use and instead, have a version of inverted colours that still see some elements stay as their original colour. However, some have something called ‘night mode’, in which you can toggle night mode through display options. Each android device will have a different way of accessing its version of dark mode, so it may be a case of researching specific instructions for your device.

While not every device has the best version of dark mode yet, it’s certainly something more and more developers are considering. Do you prefer dark mode?