Charge your phone and carry your essentials with you.

Elivebuy Leather Wallet Power Battery Case Review 3For the past week, I’ve been testing out a rather unique mobile phone case. It combines my two favorite case types – the wallet case and the battery case. EliveBuy makes a very smooth, stylish wallet case with battery pack for the iPhone 6.

My first impression of this case revolved around one question. “Why hasn’t this been thought of before?” The outer case is slim and is really just there to hold the wallet. When closed, it does offer protection against scratches for the screen of your phone, but if the battery weren’t there, there would be virtually no protection against any sort of impact. One feature I particularly like is the magnetic closure. The flap wraps around from the front to the back ensuring that the case remains closed until needed.

Elivebuy Leather Wallet Power Battery Case Review 4The next piece of this puzzle is the battery case. It’s a pretty standard battery pack for a mobile phone. First of all, it’s a 3400 mAh capacity battery, which is strong enough to provide nearly a full battery charge to your iPhone. The phone slides into the case with no problems and the top panel snaps into place easily. I never once had an issue with my phone connecting or charging. As a standard, the case recharges via MicroUSB.

Elivebuy Leather Wallet Power Battery Case Review 5Now, let’s talk about the combination of these two styles of cases. I think it’s genius because it makes this the only thing you have to carry with you. You don’t have to carry your phone, wallet, and spare battery separately. They are all in one product with this case. It’s no more bulky than standard battery pack for the iPhone 6. The wallet portion of the case is so slim that it doesn’t add any additional bulk.

Elivebuy Leather Wallet Power Battery Case Review 6One thing I want to touch on is the magnetic closure. Because this is a wallet case, one would assume that people would want to carry credit cards within it. I did carry two credit cards in the wallet and did not notice that my cards were in any way damage from the magnet.

This is really a unique combination of great case types. If you like to be minimalistic and carry as little as possible, I would recommend that you check out this case. It really helps you consolidate what you are carrying with you.