Completely ordinary, but that’s not always a bad thing.

EliveBuy 10400mAh Quick Charge External Battery Review 3I want to take things out of the usual flow and say this:

This battery is a very simple design and has no hidden features or gimmicks. It is a well-built mobile battery that can output enough power to charge whatever phone or tablet you might need.

This will make more sense in a few paragraphs. Now, where were we?

My recent trip to Chicago provided a great excuse to test out a few charge cycles of EliveBuy’s 10400mAh external battery. Now that I’m back, it is time once again to send my thoughts to the internet with a new mobile battery review.

EliveBuy 10400mAh Quick Charge External Battery Review 4This battery is a solid build that takes a familiar rounded rectangle shape and squashes it a bit so the battery is closer to the size of a USB portable hard drive or perhaps a thick wallet. The included battery carries some weight, but this battery is light enough to be thrown into any luggage or carry-on. The battery has three features on the front panel: an input USB micro port for charging the battery, a full-size output USB port for charging other devices  (up to 2.1 amp so most modern devices will be able to ‘quick charge’ if supported), and a power button.

Charging the battery only took a few hours using the included cable and a 2.1 amp wall adapter (not included with the battery, it will take quite a bit longer to trickle charge but WILL finish recharging overnight). When the battery was discharging while recharging another device, operating temperatures were excellent throughout testing. Neither the device being charged nor the battery itself grew warm at all.

EliveBuy 10400mAh Quick Charge External Battery Review 5I would have liked to have two 2.1 amp USB output ports (and a matching max output on the battery) for multiple charging situations. Also, unlike some other batteries, this battery only comes with a normal (and quite short) USB micro cable for charging the battery. There are no breakout or adapter cables for charging other devices so those with Lightning or USB mini ports will need to supply their own cables in order to use this properly.

Give this battery a try if you want a battery that gets the job done without any other features like a built-in flashlight, flash storage, multiple charging ports, multi-headed breakout cables, or wireless routing. This unit has such a simple design that very little can go wrong. This battery served its purpose by doing nothing more than what a mobile battery needs to do and doing it well.