Elgato Eve Room is a great way to see the ‘big picture’ in your home

For quite some time we have had portions of our home automated. The first element we installed was a smart thermostat, then we slowly added some WiFi cameras, smart lighting, and outlets that all work with Apple’s HomeKit. A little over a year ago, a new device was release called the Eve. Eve is actually a system of sensors that connect to a very smart app from a company called Elgato. The mission behind Eve is to show you a more thorough picture of your home and its connected devices. Eve gives you the information you need in order to make an informed decision about adjustments that need to be made for the comfort of your home. Some time ago, we were given the Room sensor to test out. It’s been working like a dream. As well as the sensor has been working, I have to admit that the real hero piece to this puzzle is the Eve app. So, for the purposes of this review, I will discuss first the Room sensor and then the app.

Elgato Eve Room Review

Eve Room
The Room sensor is designed to measure the air quality, temperature, and humidity in a given room. It’s about the size of a deck of cards (if a deck was exactly square). Set-up is really very minimal. The first step is to download the app. You will be asked if you want it to work with HomeKit. You want to answer, “yes.” Since we already had multiple connected devices in our home, those items populated immediately into the Eve app. The next step is to add the Room sensor into those devices. Eve Room comes with three AA batteries that power it. Eve Room only needs a flat surface to sit on. We put ours on a wall shelf that is about eye level with someone who is 5”8. Once you have the batteries inserted and the Eve Room in the place where you want it to live, open the Elgato Eve app and tap Add Accessory. The app will walk you through the rest of the process. To be completely honest, I think this was one of the easiest smart devices I’ve ever set-up. The nice thing about Eve Room is that once it’s connected, you don’t really have any other set-up

Eve Room is one of the few devices that you can set and forget. It just does it’s thing and collects data for you to review and you don’t have to do anything with it past its set-up.

Elgato Eve Room Review

Elgato Eve App
The one thing I really love about this app is that it’s like the Eve Room – you get it set-up and then you let it do its thing. Because it’s connected to HomeKit, the Eve app will pull in all your connected devices so that you can control all your devices in one app. It’s really a nice feature and something that I truly appreciate. Before I downloaded the Eve app, I was using a third party app to control other HomeKit compatible devices, but now I’m using Eve’s app almost exclusively now. One big reason is because it connects to devices faster than most other connected apps I’ve used.

As cool as the HomeKit control option is, the main purpose for the Eve app is to show you the data that the Eve Room is collecting. The Room’s primary reading is that of the air quality. The Eve Room actually measures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and not Carbon Dioxide. Basically, a VOC is anything that is released by humans, pets, and other natural factors in your home. Elgato’s website states that “VOCs are also released from common items like carpet, paint, furniture, printers, perfumes, cleaning products, tobacco smoke and many other substances that in large quantities can be harmful.” The reading that is shown on the app is a VOC level, but it’s converted into equivalent CO2 concentration so it’s easy to read. The information provided by Elgato suggests that all you may need to do to fix the quality of the air in you room is to move a printer or clean the carpet. Fortunately for us, our air quality has been within normal levels the majority of the time we’ve been testing the Eve Room.

Elgato Eve Room Review Elgato Eve Room Review Elgato Eve Room Review Elgato Eve Room Review

Having the Eve Room included in our smart objects has been enlightening. The combination of the Eve Room sensor and the Elgato Eve app has been a welcome addition to our home. It was very easy to set-up and has provided valuable information for us and the general health of our home. The app provides a great way to connect with all your devices and really simplifies how you interact with your Smart Home. The Elgago Eve Room is a great investment for the health of your home.

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