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A couple of years ago, I participated in a WWII reenactment as a photographer. I wasn’t actually one of the soldiers, but I was right in the middle of all the action because I was getting close-up still shots of the battle to document it for a local museum. I was actually part of a larger team that included two videographers and a lot of action cameras. This event took place on our city’s riverfront and involved an actual ‘beach’ landing from WWII Higgins Boats. The goal was to make it as authentic as possible and we did a pretty good job of it. The action cameras caught some fantastic footage and really gave us a great perspective for the documentary we were making about the reenactment. At the time, we had to rent the action cameras because of the expensive of buying the amount we needed. That was before cameras like the Elephone ELE Explorer 4K Action Camera was available.

Elephone ELE Explorer 4K Action Camera REVIEW

The Elephone ELE Explorer 4K Action Camera is a very capable, quality action camera that is available at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. The most prominent feature of this camera is that it captures 4K video. Most action cameras will record 1080P HD video, but the Explorer takes it one step further with the enhanced 4K video option. The camera has a 2-inch HD TFT screen, which is also a step above what I’ve seen as the ‘standard’ for budget action cameras. The camera lens is 16MP, which is ideal for capturing high resolution images and video. It also has an 170-degree wide angle lens that ensures an excellent field of view. Out of the box, this tiny camera is ready to go. It comes packaged inside a waterproof case and has numerous accessories and attachments with it. The only thing missing is a carrying case.

Elephone ELE Explorer 4K Action Camera REVIEW

I want it to work.
When I get a camera like this – one that has limited controls and is meant to be easy to you – I just want it to work. I have had the pleasure of testing out several different budget action cameras that didn’t even power on correctly. The Explorer 4K works very easily and very simply. After taking it out of the box, the camera does have a small initial charge to it. I was very happy that I could unwrap it and then just start using it. To use it, you turn on the camera and then tap the ‘ok’ button on the top of the camera body. The camera will record until you manually stop it, or until the memory card is full. The Explorer 4K will accept up to 128GB Micro SD cards and I would suggest that you keep more than one on you. In my testing, I recorded a little over 10 minutes at 1080P and the file was over 2GB in size. 4K video will take up a lot of space.

Elephone ELE Explorer 4K Action Camera REVIEW

My primary testing took place on foot and in the car. As an action camera, you would expect there to be some stability control on within the camera and I wanted to see how it would hold up against a bumpy road and my normal walking pattern. I found that with the walking, there was quite a bit of shake, but with the driving, the bumps were minimal and the video did not distort because of them.

Built-in WiFi
The built-in WiFi was an intriguing feature to me. I hadn’t really tested the ‘remote’ feature out with other cameras yet, so I was eager to try it. As it turns out, the app was incredibly easy to use and connecting to the camera from my iPhone was a flawless action. First, you have to select the ELE-CAM as your WiFi network through Settings. Once you do that, you open the app (ELECAM on iTunes), you select the connected network and you are immediately taken into the camera’s interface. Here you can record video, change settings on the camera and even snap photos. It’s a very easy to use interface.

Elephone ELE Explorer 4K Action Camera REVIEW Elephone ELE Explorer 4K Action Camera REVIEW

The Elephone ELE Explorer 4K Action Camera is that it is a very capable, compact camera that can tolerate action. You can use it for more than just the high-energy, on-location shoots because it captures such lovely HD video. It’s very reasonably priced and it would work well if you needed multiple cameras for a production. I wouldn’t use it for capturing audio, but as a video camera, there are few in this price range that can touch it.



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