Element Case Black Ops iPhone 6 Plus Case is awesome and a conversation starter.

I have an addiction to iPhone cases. I just can’t seem to get enough of them. I love an iPhone case that has both function and form. I need a case that will protect my beloved Apple product while still looking amazing.

Element Case’s Black Ops case from their active collection does a bang up job at meeting my criteria. The case is very thin and light. It doesn’t add much more to the overall profile of my iPhone 6 Plus and barely adds any extra weight. Installation was a little bit more extensive than most cases I’ve tried out. There are four screws to remove from the side, as well as the side pieces that they hold. The top and bottom crowns come out. You then slide your phone into the main body of the case making sure to line up the buttons in the correct position. The attention to detail on the inside of the main body adds to the overall sense of security. It’s a tight fit for the phone and the back is lined with a soft material to protect the phone from being scratched. Replace the top and bottom crown, side pieces, and then screw it all down.

Element Case Black Ops iPhone 6 Plus Case Review

Aside from the the weight of the case, the sides have finger grooves molded into them that make the case feel like it was designed just for your hand. Since the ergonomic grooves are on both sides it feels comfortable for right or left handed people. The whole case is black except for the red external buttons. This really made the case stand out to me and looked like it was ready to rescue other cases from sticky situations. The Black Ops case looks like it was designed to fit directly into a stealth fighter jet. There is a black metal plate on the back making the cases very stiff and rigid even in a tight pocket while bending over. The only down side is that I had to install a screen protector on the iPhone. The front edge doesn’t stick up much from the iPhone’s screen. This isn’t a deal breaker as it does protect from falls. I tried a drop up to 3 feet with out a single issue.

Element Case Black Ops iPhone 6 Plus Case Review

There is a tactical nylon holster that adjusts to the phone with room to carry a card or cash securely. My phone and case fit perfectly on the strap of my backpack for easy access. It provides full coverage and opens with just a pull of the velcro.

Element Case Black Ops iPhone 6 Plus Case ReviewAfter installing the phone in the case, I went out to eat with friends and they couldn’t keep their hands off of it. The waiter even had to hold it and bask in its awesomeness.

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