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When it comes to electronics, I get a bit obsessive over anything that lights up or has Bluetooth.  I have also been known to have an extra two hundred or so candles lying around in a drawer or on a shelf. I also just like electronics that have multiple uses and functions. Early on as a child, I had a fondness for any gadget or gizmo that had multiple functions. I simply couldn’t get enough of the device until I simply had no more space for any. After clearing everything out I decided that if I was going to have an electronic, then it needed to have multiple uses to save space and avoid clutter. This is both very freeing and annoying. Most things that I come across just do one or two things and I may not use one or more of the functions. That being said I ran across something that got into my life perfectly.

ELEGIANT Romantic Lighting Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

Elegiant’s Romantic Lighting Bluetooth Speaker (LED Bluetooth Speaker Bedside Table Lamp with Touch Control Alarm Clock) is so much more. To start off, it is a nice accent light. With four different brightness settings that you change with a touch-sensitive button on the top. Most of the overall design is for the lamp. The lowest setting is calming or romantic depending on the situation and goes all the way up to a setting that is a little bit too bright for my tastes. My favorite feature of the light is the color changing function. While in this function, you can’t stop on a favorite color or select that color. You just have to roll along with the change. I like variety so I didn’t find this to be a problem.

ELEGIANT Romantic Lighting Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

At the base is where the all of the other functions. To keep up with the romantic lighting previously stated, the base is a Bluetooth speaker for all of your light jazz (maybe that’s just me) music. The volume doesn’t get incredibly loud, but for the size and use, you don’t want it to be too loud. You can also take a hands-free call in the middle of the music or just whenever. I found the microphone to be a little lacking, but in a pinch, I didn’t mind yelling.  If you don’t want to pair your phone then you can just insert an SD card loaded with all of your favorite music.

ELEGIANT Romantic Lighting Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

Just to round out the multiple uses, Elegiant also included an alarm clock as well. While I just tend to use my phone it is nice to have a backup just in case. The battery life is pretty decent. I haven’t quite drained it completely in one use so far. The Romantic Lighting Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for those quiet little get always with a significant other, camping with the family, or just about any other situation. With so many different functions, I’ll be keeping this pretty close to me.

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