elago H Stand for Headphones Review:

A high quality stand with great design.

Elago H Stand for Headphones Review 3Large over the ear Bluetooth headphones are great for listening to music on your computer or watching videos without disturbing others around you. However, storing those bulky headphones can be an issue when desk space is limited and there are other random objects floating around in your work area. Regular readers of my reviews will know that I am a big fan of minimalist, efficient work spaces and I appreciate good design and style in all of the gadgets I choose to allow onto my desk. When I decided to look for a headphone stand, I found the H Stand from elago to be ideal for my situation.

elago is known for creating outstanding products that are simply sophisticated. They delivered again with their H Stand for headphones. It is a very simple, yet very useful stand for holding Bluetooth headphones (or any headphones really) while also looking like a million bucks sitting on your desk.

Elago H Stand for Headphones Review 4At its most basic, that is all the H Stand is; a metal stand to hold your headphones. However, closer inspection reveals a solid well made stand with a lot of thought given to its design.

The base of the stand and the headphone holder have scratch-free silicone padding to keep the stand and your headphones in place without scratching your desk or your headphones. This stand is also a bit taller than similar stands (10.5 inches tall), which allows it to accommodate just about any pair of headphones you can throw at it. The finish is also high quality and is available in three color choices: silver, champagne gold, and dark gray. This is especially appealing for Mac users as you can pair your stand to your other devices, including the new MacBooks with gold finishes.

Elago H Stand for Headphones Review  5The bottom line is that the H Stand is a high quality stand for those that want to store their headphones in style. The stand retails for $40.

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