The Only UV-C Disinfecting Device Certified 99.99% Effective by Intertek & the EPA

Finding a quick and efficient way to kill germs and bacteria on high-touch items like masks, wallets, keys and phones has never been more important. UV-C disinfecting boxes make the process easy, but most available in the market are not certified, leaving users wondering if the device is actually disinfecting their items. Einova Mundus Pro UV-C Disinfectant Wireless Charging Accessories Tray combines four layers of microbe-killing protection and is the only UV-C disinfector certified 99,99% effective by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Intertek. 

Mundus, Latin for clean, features two powerful UV-C lamps as well as four UV-C LEDs that emit different wavelengths. The UV-C light emitted by the LEDs is of a shorter wavelength than the lamps. By using both the UV-C lamps and LEDs, Mundus targets a much broader spectrum of microbes than conventional UV-C disinfectors since different viruses and bacteria are sensitive to different UV-C wavelengths. 

Mundus also utilizes ozone that is naturally produced by the UV-C LEDs to kill bacteria, virus and germs more effectively. Finally, another unique solution that boosts the germicidal effect is the titanium dioxide coating of the interior of the chamber: this is a photocatalytic agent that amplifies the germicidal effect of both the UV-C light as well as the ozone. The bottom of the disinfectant chamber is also textured so that the UV-C light can disinfect items from every possible angle.

Keys, wallets, phones, masks, jewelry and many other items fit into the 19.5 x 19.5 x 5.2-inch spacious interior chamber and Mundus acts as an accessories storage box to keep items organized and in one place, perfect for front entryways, nightstands and desks. Mundus is user-friendly and features an intuitive LED indicator light that shows the progress of the full eight-minute cycle at a glance. However, sanitation is substantially completed after only four minutes and a virus like covid-19 is killed in less than 1 minute (Andrea Bianco. “UV-C irradiation is highly effective in inactivating and inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 replication. medRxiv. 23 June 2020,

Mundus doubles as a multi-device fast wireless charging dock that can recharge three devices at once and while disinfecting items in the chamber. Two Qi-certified 10W fast wireless charging spots are on top and one 18W USB-A Quick Charging port is on the side. The Qi spots are compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, including iPhone 8 and newer, AirPods, Galaxy S9/S9 Plus and more. 

Mundus is starting production now and will go live on Kickstarter for preorder October 7th, shipping in December.

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