It’s time again folks to load up the pack and take a walk in the naked forests kicking their cover and tripping over roots that prey under the compost. So what APP did I use this time? A rather simple one actually. eGretelPro for the iPhone 4. There are a few cons with this APP but otherwise I was quite happy with it. Start off by spending the $0.99 it costs, start dropping crumbs, and hit the trail head. It records your tracks by dropping crumbs every 100 feet to make sure you find your way back from being bold enough to leave the trail. Or if you’re like me and there are no trails and you use animal paths to hike on this APP is Perfect! The only cons are the fact you cannot save your hike and you cannot switch to satellite view and scope out the terrain. But when it comes to accuracy and signal this APP is the golden fleece of well, at least this moment. Even in the parasol of stalking pines it still held strong and didn’t miss a step or even a rolled ankle. It doesn’t turn your phone into the surface of the sun and does not drain your battery. Very simple APP good for the 1st time hiker. I highly recommend this APP for any person who likes to hike off the grid or who is just so terrible with direction that they get lost in Walmart. You should actually just stay at home. I give eGretel Two Thumbs Up…Happy Hiking!

Written by Collin Nicholas Hodge, R.I.P my friend.