Design your own island paradise with Eden Isle.

We are in the process of planning a family vacation for later on this year. We will be staying in a resort community and last week, we received a care package from the resort manager with information about the motel and the surrounding communities. This was the first time I had received information from a place I would be staying in. It impressed me and made me even more excited about the upcoming trip. I understand that for larger resorts, this type of communication with guests is commonplace, but since I’m not used to staying in larger resorts, it was a surprise to me.

Eden Isle: Island Paradise iOS Game REVIEW

A day after I received that packet, a second one arrived. This time it was from iOS developer SIMTERACTIVE. You see, they are the creative minds behind Eden Isle: Island Paradise for iOS. This packet included welcome items like postcards, stickers, buttons, a gift certificate, and a resort map for the resort in the Eden Isle game. To me, this really made the game stand out. The care that was taken to create these resort-style pieces is very impressive and it really shows the thought that went into the planning of the game.

Now, let me tell you about the game and my experience.

Eden Isle: Island Paradise iOS Game REVIEW

The game is what I would consider SIM-style. If you’ve ever played SIM City, The SIMS, or any derivation of that universe, you will know what I am talking about. You can interact with the map and characters with some limitations. For example, there is a character that acts as your registration attendant. When you click on her, she pops up with catchy little quips. The guests at your resort are interactive, too. If you click on one you can see their likes, dislikes, and motivations. Can you directly affect that? Not necessarily. Let’s say that SIM “Joe” shows that he’s hungry and you don’t have a restaurant built, you can’t tell him to go to eat, but you can build a restaurant so that “Joe” can walk himself to get something to eat. So while you can’t direct your characters to get something to eat, you can provide a way for them to eat.

Eden Isle: Island Paradise iOS Game REVIEW

When you start the game, you are building your resort from the ground up. I got a good chuckle when the first accommodations I was building for my guests were ‘Eco-tents’ and a ‘Huggable Tree’. The first guests you have are Hippies and if you watch the animation carefully, they will go visit the Huggable Tree and actually hug it. You are given a series of tasks and goals to complete in order to gain points and advance through levels. It’s a pretty easy process and I get a big kick out of rearranging my structures and watching the characters move through their programs.

Eden Isle: Island Paradise iOS Game REVIEW

Some of the main features of Eden Isle include:

  • Unique hand-painted art style
  • Fun, interesting characters with lots of humor
  • Keep guests happy by tending to their needs and responding to their requests
  • Maximize profits in bars, restaurants, and shops
  • Hire and train staff members to help you manage your resort
  • Over 200 goals to complete and 35 different buildings, each with 20 different upgrade levels
  • Customize your resort with 50 different decoration items and earn bonuses from nearby accommodation and activities
  • Easy to add friends – visit your friends’ resorts and help each other progress
  • No internet connection needed to play – play wherever you want!
  • Can play across multiple devices – play on your iPad when you’re at home and on your iPhone when you’re out and about

Eden Isle: Island Paradise iOS Game REVIEW

I’ve really enjoyed playing Eden Isle. I was a fan before I downloaded the app because of the ‘resort package’ we received. It was a really nice touch and a great idea to accompany something like that. The game places really easily and it’s very addictive. I found myself tangled in its web and didn’t realize how much time had passed. I can recommend it based on its creative storyline and lovely artwork.

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