QuickReleaseONE is the only universal quick release system in the world.

It wasn’t too long ago that I used my DSLR exclusively as a handheld camera or with one single tripod. I quickly moved past this type of use and started using many different camera rigs — and they all used different types of camera mounts. I found myself switching my DSLR from tripod to overhead camera rig to my slider and so on and so on. This is time-consuming, exhausting, and just plain aggravating. I started doing some research into quick release plate systems and found that I could invest in a system that has plates for each item I own so I can use one adapter to slide the camera onto each apparatus. That’s just plain expensive because depending on how many items you have will depend on how many adapters you will need to buy. Fortunately, I found the edelkrone QuickReleaseONE universal camera release system.

edelkrone QuickReleaseONE

edelkrone is an innovation company. They specialize in creating accessories for cameras and DSLR rigs. With the QuickReleaseONE, they saw the standard in the chaos of multiple non-standard camera plates.  One of the items they created is the QuickRelease One. It’s literally one item that will allow you to quickly jump your DSLR camera from one tripod to the next without screwing on plates.

The QuickReleaseONE takes advantage of the standard 1/4″ screw head that is on most of the camera plates in the world. The mounting piece is made out of CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel components. It’s sturdy and weighs 125grams (0.25 pounds). The QuickReleaseONE can hold up to 6.6 pounds of weight and it mounts on all 1/4″-20 screws. To install the QuickReleaseONE on your camera, you place the 1/4″ thread screw to the bottom of your camera. Using the included a wrench simply turn it until you feel the QuickRelease One is tightened firmly.

edelkrone QuickReleaseONE

To install the QuickReleaseONE on your camera, you place the 1/4″ thread screw to the bottom of your camera. Using the included Allen wrench, simply turn it the Allen screw until you feel the QuickReleaseONE is tightened firmly on the camera. That’s pretty much it. When you attach your camera to a tripod with the QuickReleaseONE on it, you just twist the lever to tighten it on the tripod plate. While testing, I used the QuickReleaseONE on a standard tripod with video head and a Joby GorillaPod Focus. I found that in both cases, I could easily attach and detach the camera from the base tripod system. The only issue I had was when a camera plate was loose on the tripod. When that was the case, the QuickReleaseONE wouldn’t grasp it firmly.

edelkrone QuickReleaseONE

I know that everyone’s lingering thought is in regards to how strong the grip is on the QuickReleaseONE. edelkrone designed this mount to withstand shakes, shocks, pushes and pulls. For my testing, I attached my camera to a standard tripod. I then folded up the legs and carried the entire kit across a field and playground area that had loose gravel laid down. Needless to say, it was a decent trek for the QuickReleaseONE to show its stuff. The camera didn’t budge. It stayed tightly attached to the tripod and felt secure during the entire walk.

The other test I did involved the Joby GorillaPod Focus. The GorillaPod Focus is a flexible tripod that is built to hold up to 11 pounds. It has articulating legs that give you the freedom to attach your camera to practically any surface. I mounted my camera to the QuickReleaseONE and then attached the unit to the GorillaPod. The GorillaPod was then placed onto a fence. You will see from the photo that it was quite a set-up and also quite dangerous if you didn’t trust your equipment. The QuickReleaseONE had already proven itself so I didn’t have any concerns with this set-up.

edelkrone QuickReleaseONE

The past year, I’ve been taking a lot of time to research gear that will enhance my photo and video productions. As I advanced the main pieces – camera lenses, tripods, cranes, etc. – I found that I also needed quality support accessories like the QuickReleaseONE. This little wonder really completes my camera set-up and I’m proud to recommend it to any other photo and video professionals. It’s truly a great piece to add to your camera gear.

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