eBlocker protects you and your privacy.

One technology hot topic that has really made headlines in the past few months is the concept of internet privacy. Back in March, the U.S. government passed legislation that broadened what they have the ‘right’ to see about your Internet traffic. In our household, we decided that we did not want our data shared, so we opted to use a VPN service called Private Internet Access. This type of service is great for people who use mobile technology frequently, but even it has it’s limitations. If you have a lot of devices online at one time, you can only protect certain devices and not all of them. That’s where a device like the eBlocker comes in handy.

eBlocker is a ‘go-between’ devices that provides your entire home with a way to have an anonymous presence online. The devices has an adline of Your privacy belongs to you, not the internet. That is something that really spoke to me when I first researched the product. I love the fact that the company is completely dedicated to protecting users of the Internet.

EBlocker Privacy Device REVIEW

The device itself is a small plastic cube that measures around 3″ x 3″. It’s made to fit wherever you need it to. We have a dedicated cabinet for our Internet router and switch so its size was not an issue. In the box you will find the eBlocker device, a bright orange Ethernet cable, the power adapter along with several plug types, some stickers, and a Quick Start Guide. The box provides a bit of added instruction as well. Installation is very easy. You simply plug the eBlocker into your router and then the eBlocker acts as your wireless router. It essentially filters all your internet traffic so that you can feel safe about your browsing and/or data transfer habits. There is no messy software to deal with. Once you have it plugged in, it’s doing its job.

EBlocker Privacy Device REVIEW

This actually confused me at first because it seems like everything has an app these days, but when you configure your eBlocker, you simply type http://setup.eblocker.com into your browser and then follow the steps for activation. You will need the serial number and license key (ships with device) so don’t tuck your eBlocker away until after you’ve entered that information.

Main Features

  • eBlocker Icon – Even though there is not an app designed to work with eBlocker, you can still monitor what it’s doing by clicking on the eBlocker Icon.
  • Whitelist
  • Trackers
  • Ad-Blocker
  • Anon (IP-Anonymization)
  • Device Cloaking
  • Pause –  You can deactivate the eBlocker on your current device for 5 minutes.
  • Message/system notifications

What I like about the eBlocker is that it’s easy to use. It provides a very valuable service, but what I don’t like about it that after the first year, it requires a subscription for the service. Now, most VPN services are subscription-based, but you don’t have to spend $200+ on a device first. You can choose to spend $399 on the Family version with a lifetime update license. Either way, it is an investment.

EBlocker Privacy Device REVIEW

eBlocker is a handy device that will guarantee your privacy from prying eyes. It works well and with a minimal set-up, you should have everything you need from eBlocker within about 5 minutes.

For more information, visit eblocker.com.
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