Android compatible media box with simple to use keyboard for home television.

Media boxes like Apple TV are great to easily stream Netflix, the internet, or even apps to your television.  When it comes to the Android market I always find myself having a small learning curve when using the Google store and other features, but nevertheless, I always find out what I’m doing quickly.  The EASYTONE 4K HD media player was a very quick set up and after messing with the features I got a nice set up for my television.

EASYTONE HD Android Media Player REVIEW

The media box is a little larger than an Apple TV but still doesn’t require a lot of space. The box supports 4K HD video, 1080P, and 3D-HD, but I currently don’t have a 4K HD TV.  However, I plan on purchasing one and will be excited to try this with it.  It runs the latest Android Lollipop 5.1.1 software and can be updated.  You have access to the Google Play store and all the apps included, which is where the keyboard comes in handy.  This box does run fast with its 64-bit quad core processor, which stands out compared to some lesser quality boxes.  There are 4 USB slots, and an SD card reader, so you have options for connecting other devices to it as well as playing media on it.

EASYTONE HD Android Media Player REVIEW

This media box comes with a nice remote but the keyboard makes it so much easier if you want to browse the web or enter text.  A great function that it has is the touchpad mouse control.  It basically is a very small version of a laptop keyboard, and it synced nicely with the EASYTONE box.  I was able to stream my Netflix, Youtube, and other basic video watching platforms with easy and was happy with the speed and fluidity of this product.  I really don’t care for doing much with non-video applications because I have tablets but I did make sure I was able to use them, and they worked fine.  My 8-year-old son really likes blasting Youtube videos on my television and he was very excited to do so with this media box and had no issues using it.

EASYTONE HD Android Media Player REVIEW

I think there is much more to the Android market that I have yet to learn, and am eager to because of this media box.  Where I live cable is included but if I did have to pay for it, media boxes like this one would help me cut that cost out.  I think the setup is easy enough for someone, not tech savvy to set up, but to get the most out of it I think knowing more would be beneficial.


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