Simple light weight earbuds with a big sound

I like earbuds as a headphone option, but dislike the cable that comes with it. The cable usually gets tangled very easily and is nearly impossible to keep straight. So, I’ve been searching for a good set of wireless earbuds and I may have found them with the EARIN True Wireless Earbuds.

The EARIN earbuds come packed with a charging tube, replacement ear gels (foam tips), stabilizers, and a charging cable. When I first received them I found the box to be quite heavy and I thought these were going to be like other wireless earbuds – too much weight for a little body. As it turns out, the weight I was feeling was mainly in the box and packaging. The charging cylinder and earbuds are extremely light weight and thus making traveling in my pocket a breeze. I’d also like to point out that for some people – like me – lighter headphones mean fewer headaches.

My EARIN earbuds came with a small charge but not quite enough to start my music listening experience. The instructions state to charge the earbuds before the first use and I recommend that you do this. Once I got them paired I found myself having to wait to use my fun new music blasting devices. While the earbuds were charging, I took the time to fully read the instructions and admire the light weight construction of the cylinder tube. The earbuds have no buttons on them so there is no chance for accidental pressing or swiping something on and off.

EARIN Wireless Earbuds REVIEW A True Wireless Experience

The EARIN earbuds have a companion app for iOS. With it, you can control bass boost and balance and you can view battery levels or assign a custom name to your earbuds. The app is a very clean with the controls located directly in front of you. It’s easy to use and understand and it really makes the most of your earbud listening experience.

Pairing the earbuds was quite easy. You pair the left earbud via Bluetooth and when you turn the music on, both earbuds are streaming audio perfectly. I recently reviewed another set of wireless earbuds that required that you pair each earbud individually. I like the EARIN way better because there is no fumbling around with the earbuds as you try to pair or repair them.

You might wonder how the audio reconnection/transfer process works when the battery dies. Well, I’ve had no issues whatsoever. I used both the EARIN and its charging capsule until both were out of power. Once they were both empty, I charged them up through USB and simply popped them out of the capsule. Then, I swiped up to access my audio controls on my iPhone and a second later I was bobbing and weaving to some Offspring.

EARIN Wireless Earbuds REVIEW A True Wireless Experience

Technical specifications.


Speaker: Balanced Armature

Frequency Range: 20-20 000 Hz

Speaker Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL +- 2dB Speaker Impedance (DC): 25 Ohm SUPPORTED AUDIO CODECS AAC, aptX®, SBC


Dimensions: Ø14.5mm x 20mm (0.57” x 0.78”)

Weight: 3.5g (0.12 oz)

Stereo play time: Up to 3 hours

Mono play time: Up to 11 hours Battery: 60 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion

Charging Time: 70 min Wireless: Bluetooth®3.0 and 4.0 compatible


Dimensions: Ø21mm x 95mm (0.83” x 3.74”)

Weight: 42g (1.48 oz)

Battery: 600 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion

Charge Time: 75 min Charged Capsule provides x3 Earbuds charges Standard Micro USB connection

I have thoroughly enjoyed testing the EARIN Wireless Earbuds. They have been an impressive device. I did find some room for improvement, but my list of dislikes is really very short. First, when pairing them for the first time I found the iOS app to be a bit confusing due to the option to click on them like I was pairing. This action just disconnected the Bluetooth connection between the earbuds and the phone. I’ve not seen this happen since so it may be something odd I did. Second, during the first two full charges of the earbuds, I found that the right ear was cutting in and out. This happened for a split second and would reconnect immediately. On the third charge cycle, I did not notice the random cut outs. I’m still using them and haven’t had any more dropouts from the right ear, so again, maybe it was something I did. Finally, and this one is nothing against these earbuds I have this complaint with all earbuds, when pressing them into my ear canals I find if I put them in too deep that I can hear myself breathing. It’s unsettling. Most people who use earbuds don’t really have that complaint so it might be that I’m hard of hearing.

EARIN Wireless Earbuds REVIEW A True Wireless Experience

EARIN made a really nice set of wireless earbuds. They decided that more is not always best when it comes to the earbud design, and before using these I may not have agreed. No cables, No microphones, No flashing lights – is part of their credo with the earbuds. Every component has been designed and engineered to reduce the earbuds’ size and weight to the absolute minimum. They focus on the necessary so you can focus on the music. I mean, who needs blinking lights on earbuds? Having the option not to fumble with cables is amazing, having three hours of play time between each charge is wonderful, and having the full charges out of the charging case is the icing on the cake.

As an IF Design Award Winner, you can’t go wrong with these $199 earbuds (MSRP at the time of writing this).

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