Comfortable, premium-level experience at a fraction of the cost.

For the longest time, I avoided earbuds. They were always uncomfortable to me and I never found a set that gave me a quality listening experience. The shape of Apple’s earbuds started turning me around to the possibility that earbuds could compete with over-ear headphones in terms of quality and comfort. The only problem I’ve found is that it seems as though you can only get that type of quality from the most premium, expensive earbuds. With that in mind, you can imagine my shock and awe when I put the EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds in my ears and have the same premium-level experience as I did with earbuds that were more than twice the cost as the EarFun headphones.  

EarFun Air Pro 2 Earbuds


The EarFun Air Pro 2 wireless earbuds feature QuietSmart 2.0 Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation up to 40dB. They also have the added benefit of wind-noise reduction. In addition to the ANC mode, the earbuds have a transparent mode that allows for the user to have ambient sound for safety purposes. There are 6 built-in professional microphones for an excellent call experience. The earphones have 10mm titanium composite dynamic drivers that deliver authentic and balanced sound. The earbuds have a 34-hour playtime (7 hours + 27 hours with a charging case). They are compatible with fast-charging technology (10 minutes charging = 2 hours playtime). They are rated IPX5 for sweat and water resistance. They also have in-ear detection technology and intuitive touch controls including volume control. 

EarFun Air Pro 2 Earbuds


The earbuds come in a simple retail box. The ’EarFun’ brand is stamped on the front of the box along with a composite image of the earbuds. The name of the product “EarFun Air Pro 2 ANC Wireless Earbuds” is printed below the image and the main features (IPX5 waterproof, 6-mic noise-canceling call, 34H playtime, and active noise cancellation) are called out on the front as well. Information about the manufacturer and FCC regulations are printed on the bottom of the box while additional details of the earbuds on printed on the back of the box. The official model of the earbuds is “TW300”. 

When you open the box, you will immediately find the earbuds in their charging case. The earbuds have a small strip of plastic stuck around the charging contacts of the earbud stems. In order to activate the earbuds, you must remove this strip and let them connect to the charging case. Once you do, the earbuds enter pairing mode. I opened up the Bluetooth preferences on my iPhone 12 Pro and after about 10 seconds, the EarFun earbuds appeared and I was able to connect to them. 

EarFun Air Pro 2 Earbuds

Below the tray that houses the earbud charging case is a cardboard compartment that stores the replacement ear gels, charging cable, and the user manual. Normally, I will replace the ear gels on the earbuds I’m using as soon as I take them out of the box. The default ear gels are almost always too large for me to have a proper fit of the earbuds. If you have ever used earbuds, you know that ‘fit’ is everything for good sound. So, I was surprised to find that out of the box, I was able to use the headphones. As I described above, the pairing process is pretty self-explanatory, but the one thing that isn’t is the touch-sensitive controls on the earbuds. Shortly after I put them in and started up some music, I needed to pause the track because someone was trying to talk with me. I tapped the right earpiece because that is usually a standard play/pause function, but nothing happened. It turns out that tapping the right ear once turns the volume up. Double tapping either ear will play/pause the sound and triple tapping will take you to the next track or previous track depending on the earpiece you use. 

EarFun Air Pro 2 Earbuds

As far as the noise-canceling feature goes, I was actually quite impressed with it. Out of the charging case, the earbuds already had that feature activated. I would say that standard room noise was eliminated and I couldn’t hear much more outside the earbuds. I happened to be able to test these earbuds out in a very noisy hospital environment. I toggled through the ANC options (noise-canceling, ambient sound, and normal) and found that each setting did have a very distinct level of sound. The full noise-cancellation is quite impressive. I was able to turn that on and could barely hear myself typing on my keyboard. The ambient noise level was nice for being able to listen if someone was trying to get my attention, but the normal level was just too distracting with all the different noises going on in the hospital. I wasn’t able to use music playing on my phone to drown out those noises without the noise-canceling turned on. 

EarFun Air Pro 2 Earbuds

The sound quality of the music and spoken word formats, such as podcasts, was very good. Highs and lows were all in the range you would expect them to be and no matter what app I used, the music quality was very good all the way around. The only thing I would say is that with podcasts, which I do enjoy, the ANC isn’t quite as strong. Maybe it’s because there isn’t always some sort of noise being produced like with music tracks. The earbuds are comfortable – at least with the default ear gels. I wore them continuously for a couple of hours and never felt any ear pain or headaches as a result. 


Overall, I was very impressed with the EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds. They provide a similar listening experience t what I’ve had with more premium brands of earbuds. And those earbuds are much higher priced. If you are looking for a good, quality pair of earbuds with ANC, the EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds are a nice investment. 

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