Remove extra image files from your system efficiently.

Duplicate Photo Finder Mac App Review 3We’ve all been there. We take precious photos at a family or friend reunion and then we load them to our computer. Then, we decide, “I better make a backup of this so that these photos don’t get lost.” Then, months and sometimes even years down the road, we find that backup and think, “I better make a backup of this file.” And so on and so on. It doesn’t matter how good you are with file management. This scenario has happened to the best of us. So, what can we do to fight it off? One thing that helps is a good photo duplication detection resource like Duplicate Photo Finder.

Duplicate Photo Finder (DPF) is the slimmer little brother to Photo Sweeper. Both apps make it possible to detect and eliminate those pesky extra photos that just end up adding bulk to your hard drive. DPF is designed to be a quick and easy tool to help users of any level delete similar and duplicate photos. It works with your Photos library as well as any local or remote folders where you might be storing your images.

Duplicate Photo Finder Mac App Review 4When you first open the app, you are asked to choose where you want the app to browse for photos – a folder or you Photos Library. I chose to have DPF look at a folder that I knew didn’t have duplicate photos, but knew it had similar photos. I wanted to see how well it detect the similarities in the photos.

When I take photos of a product, I usually have the original photo that is at least 1MB in size, a smaller JPG of that image, and then one JPG that has our MacSources logo on it. I had each of these photos stored for one product in a single folder. When I selected that photo and clicked ‘scan’ in DPF, within a few seconds the program had auto selected the images for deletion that it felt were not the original. I was surprised to find that for each of the three sets of images I had in that folder, that the program detected the original file correctly the right time.

Duplicate Photo Finder Mac App Review 6Duplicate Photo Finder is a nice lightweight app that helps you thin out any duplicate folders you have so that your system isn’t weighed down with extra files.

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