Dulp is one of those simple games that is just the right kind of frustrating.

It’s a simple concept: tap your phone screen to launch colored dots at corresponding sections of a spinning wheel until you clear the level. It’s easy enough to pick up, so it’s a good game for any level of gaming expertise. There is also a colorblind mode, so anyone can play. As you move through the levels, things get trickier. The levels play with different variations of speed, size, pattern, etc., to make each a unique challenge. There are now 350 levels and an endless gameplay mode, so Dulp can be sure to aid in killing time for at least several hours.

Dulp iOS Game REVIEW Dulp iOS Game REVIEW

I usually play games without sound, and Dulp, from developers Nexx Studio, was no exception. Though its background soundtrack isn’t bad—basic game concentration music—the sound effects are annoying, especially if you get stuck on a level and have to hear the same pattern of beep…beep…BEEP over and over again. It’s happened to me several times already (I’m only in the 30s as I write this). My problem is that I do not tend to pay a lot of attention to phone games. They’re something I do while waiting for something else to happen, but Dulp can require patience and precise timing and concentration. In multi-circle puzzles, you may only have a chance to hit that one purple sliver in the middle circle once every four or five rotations. Some colors are very similar shades of other colors as well (there are a few shades of green/yellow that I often mix up). It isn’t a super easy game, but it’s the correct kind of difficult in that the mechanic is simple enough that you know that you can beat each level, no matter how challenging.

Dulp iOS Game REVIEW Dulp iOS Game REVIEW Dulp iOS Game REVIEW

Overall, Dulp is a good game. It’s free in the App store, and, though you can pay to remove adds, it isn’t necessary. For me, they never interrupted gameplay, and the frequency at which full-screen ads popped up wasn’t excessive. I’d recommend you give it a try if you’re on the hunt for your next game to play while waiting.

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