DODOcase brings a unique dock to the marketplace.

Dual Charging Dock Organizer Review 3A few months ago I got my first Apple Watch stand. It was a very welcome accessory for my watch and something I have used everyday since.  When I’m at work, I even have an extra stand for my watch to sit on when I’m not wearing it. To me, it’s an essential part of Apple Watch ownership. Also on my desk at work is a stand for my iPhone. One day, as I was working I got to thinking, “What if there was a stand that could accommodate both my phone and my watch?” To my surprise, this was. The Dual Charging Dock Organizer from DODOcase is made for both the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Dual Charging Dock Organizer Review 4The Dual Charging Dock Organizer from DODOcase is a beautiful 2-in-1 charging dock that you can use with both your iPhone and Apple watch. Since they are meant to work together, why not have a place where both can rest while they charge? The dock is made primarily out of Baltic Birch wood. It’s secured magnetically to its book bound cover (a DODOcase signature). The Dual Charging Dock Organizer features a cable wrapping management system that allows you to route your cables so that they are neat and don’t cause clutter. You can also hide earbuds and extra watch bands beneath the Birch tray. The docking station is the size of a small novel, so it blends in seamlessly with your home or office decor when it’s not in use.

Dual Charging Dock Organizer Review 5Being a fan of books of all kinds, I was immediately taken with the Dual Charging Dock Organizer’s style. The concept is sound and the craftsmanship is solid. One of the first things I did with the dock was route my Apple Watch inductive charging cable and a standard Lightning cable through the cable managers on the underside of the Birch tray. I started with the cable for the Apple Watch and had no problems laying it in. When it came to putting the Lightning Cable in, it was a bit of a tight fit. If you have the option for a slimmer, third party charging cable for either device, I would recommend using those with this dock. The puck of the Apple Watch charger was also a tight fit, but I definitely prefer that to it slipping out of the dock all the time.

The magnets that connect the tray to the cover are a bit on the weak side, however, the product designer informed me that these magnets are being upgraded to larger, much stronger magnets to hold the two pieces together. I was very happy to hear that DODOcase really takes pride in their product development and is constantly making tweaks to their product lines.

Dual Charging Dock Organizer Review 6One other thing I would like to touch on is the phone slot. This dock is designer to allow the watch charge as it’s laying flat and the iPhone to charge while sitting in landscape mode. The slot is large enough to accommodate some styles of cases, but not the larger ones like battery packs or defender-style cases. I have a slim, bumper style case on my phone currently and had no issues with using it with this dock.

I like the Dual Charging Dock Organizer for its unique style and design. The concept stands out in a crowd of ordinary Apple Watch stands and charging docks. It retails for $79 and is worth it based on the craftsmanship and quality products its made from.

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