Have you tried it yet?

For the past several months I have been using a free service called Dropbox. It gives you 2gb of free online storage. If you refer your friends you can get additional 250 megabytes of storage added to your free 2 gigabytes. How does it work? You sign up for a free account and download the application for Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile. After you install and login dropbox lets you select what folders you would like to sync. I personally have it installed on my Mac Mini Server, Macbook Pro and also my iPhone. I have a documents folder that I keep in sync. Why would you use this service? Well for many reasons – the most notable being that you can have an online backup of your documents so in the event of a hard drive failure – your data is protected. Of course there are various hacks listed online to get more out of your dropbox however im just going to list a few of the things you can do:


-Sync files and folders across multiple computers/platforms

-Access your data from any computer with internet access by logging into your dropbox account via any web browser

-Collaborate with others by creating a dropbox folder that you can share with others

-Use Dropbox to start .torrent downloads while away from home

-Host your music collection in the cloud

-Store and sync your encrypted password keychain with 1password

-Track thieves that might steal your laptop

-Use DropBox to distribute new apps to multiple Macs


So if you don’t have a dropbox account already, what are you waiting for? Click our dropbox referral link below to setup your free dropbox account.