A must have app for Dropcam owners with an Apple Watch.

DripforDropcam-5Within the first few hours of owning my Apple Watch, I was digging around the App Store for my new wrist-worn toy trying to find apps to use with it. I knew within a few weeks more and more great apps would start showing up for my Apple Watch and boy, was I right. One disappointment I had was when I found that the Apple Watch would not stream video. This was not a real surprise as it’s a watch, but this left apps like Ring, Dropcam and other video surveillance apps in the cold.

This must have gone through Robert Hesse’s mind as well because he stepped out of the box to find away around showing video surveillance on the Apple Watch – specifically for Dropcam. Drip for Dropcam shows a new live image from a selected camera every 3 seconds. This is a great way around the Apple Watch’s live video streaming limitations. (No video will probably change later with software upgrades or when the second gen Apple Watch comes out.)

Drip allows you to pick one camera to work with Glances on the Apple Watch. From there, you can enter the app and choose which Dropcam that you would like to view.

Drip for Dropcam-2The iPhone counter part is very clean. You basically open it up once enter your account information for Dropcam, then tell the app what camera you would like to show up in Glances. After that set-up, the Apple Watch takes over.

DripforDropcam-4I tested out the app using both my home WiFi and Verizon’s 4G LTE networks. Depending on the connection, I experienced an instantaneous response from the app and then another time, it was a 5-10 second delay. This is not a complaint in anyway as this app gives me the option to use my Dropcams with my Apple Watch, and that is awesome, but just be aware that you may experience a different response from the app depending on your incoming/outgoing internet connection. The app refreshed the images fine once the the initial one came through. This being said if you are needing to quickly check your cameras due to an emergency, I would suggest pulling out your phone and going to the native Dropcam app. But, if you are wanting to casually check what’s going on and have time for the images to load, then doing it with Drip for Dropcam is the way to do it.


  • display all your Dropcam cameras on your Apple Watch
  • show live images of your Dropcams every 3 seconds
  • turn cameras on/off from your wrist
  • show one Dropcam at a time as a Watch Glance

Future versions of this app will include:

  • show motion events
  • display Dropcam cameras that you are subscribed to
  • enable/disable night mode

DripforDropcam-1I currently have two Dropcams and I’ve set my home office up to work with the Glances on my Apple Watch. I stood in line at Starbucks tonight and while I waited, I was able to pull up my Dropcam and check to make sure my dog was behaving in my office without ever pulling my iPhone out of my pocket. It was amazing! I had the time to spare as I was in line and it was just really cool. I already know I’ll check my cameras more now that I have Drip for Dropcam just because of how simple it is to swipe up to a glance on my Apple Watch.

Drip for Dropcam is currently $3.99 and it’s definitely a must have if you own Dropcams and an Apple Watch. Just remember that the limitations of the Apple Watch and the speed of your internet connection on both ends will depend on how long it takes for you to receive an image.

For more information, visit dripfordropcam

Find Drip for Dropcam on  Twitter.


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