DREVO launched a Kickstarter campaign for its breakthrough gaming keyboard named BladeMaster.

Thanks to its forum-based team that has spent 14-month on this project and gathered suggestions from thousands of users, it has been 128% funded on its first day. Obviously, it could be the best gaming keyboard on Kickstarter ever and its success is just as expected.

DREVO BladeMaster is not just a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting, but brings something new to the market with its unique side wheel that is called Genius-Knob, which can be programmed to make up to four additional actions completely customizable by software, so it is not only designed for gamers, but also for office workers and even professional programmers.

As an example, DREVO puts the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, where yes, it is very easy to use the WASD keys, but the thing gets quite complicated when we need to touch additional keys where our hands need to be re-positioned to press them, either to use the energy drink, bandage, change the mode shooting or throwing us to the ground, something that is corrected with this wheel that promises to reduce the time of action required to perform such actions. For this, it has a system of click, double click, and to be able to slide it up and down.

Otherwise, we are facing a completely wireless keyboard with the PRO version using 2.4 GHz technology with a response time of 1 millisecond and 1000 Hz. BladeMaster PRO can be chosen with mechanical switches Cherry MX Red, Brown, Black and Speed Silver with RGB lighting. We continue to see the features of this keyboard with a 4,0000 mAh battery that will offer great autonomy, an RGB lighting system, and the possibility of using it also in wired form or via Bluetooth 4.0.

The Drevo BladeMaster can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter with limited Early Bird offers now:

DREVO BladeMaster PRO: 99 USD for early birds(limited: 600)
DREVO BladeMaster TE: 55 USD for early birds(limited: 600)


  • Flashlink Tech – Developed In-house, 2.4GHz Connectivity which brings you the fastest response in wireless gaming.(Available in the PRO version only)
  • Radi RGB – Powerful RGB lighting system with 360o light bands
  • DREVO Power Console – Full-fledged cloud software that goes everywhere you go
  • Onboard Memory – Use internal storage to save 3 custom settings without the need for additional software
  • TRI Mode Connectivity – Control up to three devices, with ultra-fast device switching.(Available in the PRO version only)
  • Programmable knob: Enables you to access any custom gaming function that you can imagine
  • Cherry MX RGB – Guaranteed over 50 million keystrokes per switch with no loss in quality.(Available in the PRO version only)
  • NKRO Enabled – N-key Rollover in USB mode for smooth gaming

For more information, visit kickstarter.com.
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