Base 15L Daypack has you covered for basic, daily uses.

This review is going to be about the Douchebag Base 15L daypack, not about the guy holding it. A very stylish but durable travel bag for anyone looking to carry around their gear safely. I’m a big fan of backpacks because I’m finishing up my nursing school and believe me, I need strength and durability with what I carry. I also like something that reflects my style and the Db Base 15L daypack is on par.


The Look: The bag has a very nice high-end feel and appearance. The bag is made out of a thick black TEP leather which is vegan-friendly. The bag’s design allows you to pack it full of gear from the side. Inside there are two large pockets and zipper pocket where you open the back that has a canvas overlay. The back of the bag is has a hard outer shell which not only further protects your devices when traveling but I like that it doesn’t cause the weight to cause extra pressure off of my back. The booklet on the label says that the bag is designed based off the human ribcage stating that “the strong and lightweight ABS ribs have allowed all traditional padding the be removed, leaving the bags exceptionally lightweight yet fully protective”. Seeing as the ribs protect vital organs in which we need to live, this is a strong testimony to the protectiveness of the items in which is placed into the bag. I have a 13-inch Macbook Pro and this bag can hold it plus a lot more. I like how the Db label placed throughout the detail of the bag. The metal hooks even have the Db label on them.


Trying It Out: I am impressed by the amount of things I was able to pack this bag with. Two books, a 13-inch Macbook Pro, nursing clinical supplies, medications, and large travel makeup back and I could have added more. Once again having the hardback made the bag rest comfortably against my back. The padding in the shoulder straps would have allowed me to carry even heavier weighted items in the bag without compromising comfortability. Inside the booklet, for the bag, it shows that the bag can be attached to other Douchebag luggage. I do not have any of the other luggage to test this out but it says it can be attached to The Douchbag, The Little Bastard 60L, or the Big Bastard 90L which also receive a nod of approval for having great names.


Overall Impression: The bag is designed for durable travel and doesn’t compromise at all on style. The tongue-in-cheek name of the bag draws me to it. It also gives me a reason to say the word douchebag over and over and that’s something I can appreciate. So whenever someone asks me who my backpack is made by, I won’t be hesitating to let them know.

I would like to give special thanks to Dennis for being a Douchebag holder.

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