Dots connects you to the game.

dots-screenshotIf you are a frequent visitor to, you know that I don’t review games too often. I feel that games have their place in the app marketplace, but they don’t necessarily require a review because people find games enjoyable for many different reasons. With a productivity app, there are many different things to highlight and show readers. That being said, when I find a game that I feel needs to be brought to light, I like to mention it. Dots is one of those games.

Dots is a game about ‘connecting the dots’ as its iTunes store description reads. And it is simply that. When  you start up the game, you are met with a very short tutorial, which I appreciated, and then the game board generates. This game board is composed of many different colored dots. You play the game by connecting two or more dots in a row. You are given a 1-minute time limit on each round and you must try to eliminate as many dots as possible. The dots regenerate from the top as you use them up – similar to a Jewel Quest-type game.

This game is incredibly fun and addictive. The best part of it is that it is free. There are in-app purchases, but they aren’t necessary.

I would suggest that you add this to your app collection today.