Doo connects all your local and cloud documents in one app.

In my line of work, I create and distribute a lot of documents on a daily basis. There are a lot of times I even end up working from home. For instances like that, I utilize Dropbox to be able to work on files at home. There are even a lot of files that I store in my email account for work, just in case I need to use them. The problem I run into both of these file storing options is that there is never enough storage. For this reasons, I am very excited to have found Doo.


Doo is a document organization app for iOS. It integrates all of your document storage – Dropbox, Email, Google Drive, Evernote, desktop – in one place so that you can easily find documents at a moments glance. Doo also has mobile scanning capabilities. A user simply needs to hold their device over a document, receipt, or anything he or she wishes to scan and the scan assistant within Doo automatically captures the best possible image. Probably the most valuable and impressive aspect of this app is that it is always in sync with all the services you connect to it.

As I mentioned, I tend to work across several computer systems. This app will really help me be more productive at work and home when I have to finish up time sensitive projects. I highly recommend this app as it is free across all platforms and requires very little to set-up. You do have to create an account with your email address and a password so that you can sync across all the platforms, but Doo developers do not require any additional personal information.

Doo is developed by doo GMBH, was recently updated to version 2.0.1 and is free to download.