Compact power monster is the perfect size for my desk setup but the heat makes it unsafe

I have been on the lookout for devices that would help complement my desk setup. I’m looking for products that will be useful and not just take up space. When setting up a charging station for my camera batteries, I found that since it was across the room, I still needed to power devices I am reviewing on my desk. I needed something that I would be able to plug in via USB-C, USB-A or straight up 3-prong power outlets. At first, I was looking at a basic USB hub that I could attach on the back of my desk but that still limited the power outlet option I need that’s when I found the dodocool DC32 Smart 3-outlet 4-port USB Power Strip on my shelf waiting to be reviewed. It was almost the perfect sign for me like it was calling my name.


The dodocool DC32 Smart 3-outlet 4-port USB Power Strip is a surge protector that features USB ports and even a USB-C port with power delivery. The strip has a total power output of 1100W and allows users to power up to 7 devices simultaneously between its power outlets and USB ports. The power strip has built-in high-quality components with enhanced circuitry (short circuit, over current, over voltage, surge up to 400 joules, overload, and overheating protections) and a fireproof housing to keep devices safe while charging. The multiple USB-A ports can intelligently deliver current to connected devices. It can push out up to 5V 2.4A per USB-A port, but only 3A total. The USB-C port provides up to 30W of power delivery for connected devices. The port supports quick charge 3.0 with up to 3A of current. The power strip is easy to use — just plug it in and tap the power button on the top to circulate power to the ports and outlets.

dodocool DC32 Smart 3-outlet 4-port USB Power Strip REVIEW


  • Material: ABS + PC plastic
  • LED indicator light color
  • Plug type: US plug
  • Number of power outlets: 3 x AC outlets
  • Number of USB ports: 3 x USB Type-A charging ports, 1 x USB Type-C charging ports
  • Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz, 10A (Max.)
  • Rated power: 1100W
  • Rated surge energy: 400 joules
  • Total USB-A output: DC 5V / 3A 15W (Max.)
  • Each USB-A output: DC 5V / 2.4A (Max.)
  • USB-C output (support PD charging): DC 20V / 1.5A, 15V / 2A, 12V / 2.5A, 9V / 3A, 5V / 3A 30W (Max.)
  • Cord length: Approx. 4.92 ft / 150 cm / 59.06 in
  • Item size: Approx. 2.95 x 2.44 x 2.61 in
  • Item weight: Approx. 12.58oz


Dodocool does not put much effort into their packaging. In fact, it’s quite basic in my opinion. The product arrived in a tan rectangle cardboard box with the name of the company “dodocool” and the tagline “Cool your life”. As I said, it was just above very basic. Inside the box is not much better as it’s just a slice of cardboard holding the charger in place with two very small but simple pieces of paper — the quick start guide and a warranty card. The nice thing about the packaging is that I don’t feel bad for tossing it out quickly. I sometimes find myself feeling bad tossing out well-designed packaging as some companies almost make them like a piece of artwork. For example, TwelveSouth can make some really nice packaging. Needless to say, you don’t need overly hyped boxes to have a great product. Unfortunately for dodocool, this product fails on both packaging and usage and safety.


After removing the power strip from the packaging, I routed the power cable through my desk and plugged it into power. The cable is long enough to allow me to pull the power strip to the center of my desk, but not so long that it interferes with other devices. I can easily tuck it back into my desk when I’m done using the strip. After power was connected, I plugged some devices in to really give a thorough testing of the product. The connected devices included an iPhone charging case (USB-C), power bank (DC outlet), power bank (USB-A port), and camera batteries (USB-A port). I plugged them all in and then let them sit charging for approximately 2 hours. When I came back, I found some unfortunate issues with the power strip. It was really hot. I pulled out my FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera and took some shots. I was getting readings of 156º in the USB port area and above normal operating temperatures in other areas as well.

dodocool DC32 Smart 3-outlet 4-port USB Power Strip REVIEW

Even though I read about the built-in overload protection and overheating protection on dodocool’s website, I become worried about leaving something like this plugged into my wall. I thought maybe my high heat ratings might be due to having four things plugged in at once. So I unplugged one device and allowed the rest to keep charging. I found one of the devices was not even charging (the iPhone charging case that was plugged into the USB-C PD port). We changed the cable three times before getting it to charge. What is weird is that the two cables that would not allow the case to charge are high-end cables that seem to work wonderfully when plugged into other devices. The cable I had to use to charge the iPhone case was a much cheaper low-end cable.

dodocool DC32 Smart 3-outlet 4-port USB Power Strip REVIEW

I allowed the DC32 to continue charging my devices while keeping a close eye on the heat. I found that now with three items the heat was still a lot higher then I am comfortable with. At this point, I decided to drop charging down to two devices to see how the dodocool DC32 would handle just two items being powered up at once since it was having so much trouble juicing my other gadgets. Now I was down to just an Anker battery (USB-A port) and the iPhone case (USB-C port). Both of these devices had been charging for approximately three hours at this point and neither had a full charge yet. The Anker battery should have been fully charged at this point but after three hours 27 minutes, I still had 30% left for it to charge to be topped off. The iPhone case finally finished powering up around 3 hours and 20 minutes. Even with only two items plugged in, I was still getting super high heat readings.

dodocool DC32 Smart 3-outlet 4-port USB Power Strip REVIEW


dodocool is a cool company and over the years here at MacSources, we have reviewed a few of their products and all have been very good. I don’t know if maybe this one happened to be defective or just made poorly. Because of the heat this device creates, I would definitely not recommend this product due to safety concerns. I hated coming to this conclusion as it was the perfect size and amount of charging ports for my desk. If you own this product and have had different experiences than me please let us know in the comments below.

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