Highly stylized wallet case works well with iPhone.

DODOcase Lorna iPhone Wallet Case Review 3I am a fan of wallet cases for phones. I think I’ve tried a dozen of them since I had an iPhone 5. The Lorna iPhone Wallet Case from DODOcase is special because it’s of its high style.

Like most wallet cases, the case contains an interior bumper case for the phone to live in. This bumper is made from plastic and fits the phone like a glove. The buttons and ports are all easily accessible and so is the camera. There two slots for credit cards and one hidden pocket behind them for cash or other valuables. The case wraps around the phone like a small book cover and adds a dash of class to the iPhone.

DODOcase Lorna iPhone Wallet Case Review 4Now, here is where it gets interesting.

The Lorna iPhone Wallet Case is made from premium Pergamena Leather with the interior being cloth. Because it’s made from leather, the spine is flexible and has an easy fold-over view. A lot of wallet cases that I’ve come across have this easy fold open feature, but none of them have had the premium leather. The case comes in three different colors – red, brown and blue. I had the red one to test out and I must say that it’s a very bright, but muted red. It’s bold.

DODOcase Lorna iPhone Wallet Case Review 5The most unique feature of this wallet case is its elastic band. This band is meant to prevent the case from flopping open when you don’t want it to. While this option is stylish and functional, I much prefer a magnetic closure to this elastic band. I found while testing that if I received a phone call, it took me quite a while to get the case open whereas a magnetic closure has an option for you to flip it open with just your thumb. Even though I’m being critical of this feature, I wouldn’t consider it a ‘negative’. It’s just not the right option for me.

DODOcase Lorna iPhone Wallet Case Review 6The Lorna iPhone Wallet Case is a sturdy, stylish, functional case for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Its unique design is one that stands out in a crowd.

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