Beautiful, classy case for protection and travel.

DODOcase Leather Laptop Portfolio Review 3For years, I have carried my laptop without a sleeve. I always transport it inside a laptop bag, which has padding to support the computer, but I typically just have the laptop naked. Recently, I received a really nice, large tote bag that made me want to find a protective sleeve so that I could use that tote more than my laptop backpack. My research led me to the Leather Laptop Portfolio from DODOcase.

The Leather Laptop Portfolio is made out of all-American full-grain leather. It’s untreated, natural leather that will show wear and normal distress. It’s designed to hold up to a 13″ MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or MacBook. The portfolio has a waxed canvas interior that protects against water. It is large enough to accommodate a notebook, planner, or journal as well as writing utensils or your phone.

DODOcase Leather Laptop Portfolio Review 4One of the most unique features of this sleeve is its lack of metal. There is an antique brass snap closure, but the rest of the sleeve is metal free.

My first impression of this portfolio was that it was absolutely beautiful. It is a gorgeous natural brown leather color. I was blown away by it. It’s not a typical sleeve that includes padding, but it does add a layer of strong protection that only leather can provide. This portfolio is the perfect size for my laptop and it slips into both my laptop backpack any the tote bag that I wanted to start using more.

For the most part, I only keep my laptop in the sleeve. There is ample room in it, but I just prefer to keep my laptop in it alone. This portfolio is actually the perfect size to carry along to meetings or even to classes if you are in school. It’s elegant, but it’s design is classic.

DODOcase Leather Laptop Portfolio Review 5One thing I would like to touch on is the wear-n-tear on the sleeve. As I mentioned, it will show marks and scratches on it’s face because of its material. Even though I was aware of this, it was nearly impossible to avoid. Within just a few short hours of receiving the portfolio, scratches were already showing up. Now, because I am a fan of the distressed look, the scratches don’t bother me, but I could see how some people maybe not like that.

The Leather Laptop Portfolio is both beautiful and functional. It’s a premium product that I can recommend for a variety of occasions.

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