Superb card case for iPhone

I always keep my phone in a case. Call me paranoid if you will, but I consider it insurance against falls and drops. Just like most people, I do prefer a case that has more than one purpose. Wallet cases are a natural pairing because you are sure to take your phone most places you go. I’ve had trouble with some wallet cases in the past, but found the card case — the style that provides a slot on the back of your phone’s case for cards — to be the most compatible with me. When I learned about DODOcase’s Leather iPhone Card Case, I decided to give it a try.


This case has two main parts — the rubber tray and the leather card case. It features an ultra-slim design and is DODOcase’s lowest profile iPhone case. The rubber tray is shatterproof/crackproof and the leather card case can hold up to 4 cards. The leather will stretch out to accommodate the number of cards you have. The device ports are easily accessible and the camera cutout is perfectly formed for the iPhone 7/8’s lens and flash. There are several colors available including black, brown, pink, purple, red, and turquoise. As is the case with most of DODOcase’s products, you can get the case monogrammed for an additional $10. The case is available for all current models of the iPhone: iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus,iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 5/SE, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

DODOcase Leather iPhone Card Case REVIEW

User Experience

For a long time, I’ve been resistant to using a wallet case. I don’t really have a great reason — I just never found one that really meshed with me and my lifestyle. About a month ago, I reviewed the Silk Wallet Slayer Vol 2 Card Case and I’ve actually not stopped using it — until now. The DODOcase Leather iPhone Card Case is beautiful. I have the Matte Black iPhone 7 and it looks amazing with the black version of this card case. Because the inner case is rubber, it is very flexible and wraps easily around the frame of the iPhone. I had no issues whatsoever installing the case on my iPhone 7. I did receive this case after the latest iPhone models were released so it’s an updated version of the case that fits the iPhone 8, too.

The card case is essentially attached to the rubber tray with some sort of adhesive (I think). I’ve seen this before with other card cases and some are very poorly executed. DODOcase did it right. The corners are flat and well attached to the rubber tray and I am not concerned that it will peel away from the case. The cardholder as described above is flexible. It will stretch and can hold up to four cards. I would definitely recommend that you decide ahead of time how many cards you want to carry because once you stretch it out, it will not shrink up again. I have two cards — my debit card and driver’s license — and they fit quite nicely.

DODOcase Leather iPhone Card Case REVIEW


I’ve seen a lot of card cases in the past couple of years. Some are very cheaply made. The DODOcase Leather iPhone Card Case is not one of those. It’s very well-made and wears well on the iPhone. This case quickly became my favorite and at $35 it’s moderately priced for a leather case. DODOcase does a lot of custom work on their products and you can see the quality of their products.

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