Elegant leather pencil pocket is the perfect way to carry your Apple Pencil.

I was recently gifted a 12-inch iPad Pro from someone who upgraded to a newer model. It’s been a great productivity tool for me and I really like using it. One of my favorite accessories for the iPad Pro is the Apple Pencil. Even though I am no artist, I really enjoy the way it feels when I need to make handwritten notes. I’ve always been one of those people that remembers things better if I write them down and the Apple Pencil gives me the opportunity to be both digital and tactile at the same time. When it was first released, there weren’t many options for carrying cases or accessories for the pencil. Today, there are many other possibilities for an iPad Pro user. I’m really excited to provide insight about a product that I just found out about — the Leather Apple Pencil Sleeve from DODOcase.

DODOcase Leather Apple Pencil Sleeve REVIEW

I’ve been a fan of DODOcase for quite some time now. I’ve found their products to be both elegant and distinguished. I’ve had very few issues with their accessories and I love how they are personalized for specific users. This pencil sleeve is another great product from them that really accentuates the Apple Pencil as the unique device that it is.

Like so many of DODOcase’s products, the sleeve is made from soft premium leather and handcrafted in San Francisco. The leather is a rich chestnut color. As of right now, DODOcase does not offer it in other colors, but you can monogram it with up to three initials. The sleeve has gorgeous accent stitching and the sleeve is designed to keep the Apple Pencil secure in a stylish package. The gold foil-stamped monogram ensures that your Apple Pencil is marked as yours. The Pencil Sleeve was created with function and style in mind. You can easily slide your Apple Pencil in and out of the sleeve and you don’t have to worry about your cap popping off since the sleeve was designed so that you can fold the monogram tab back and have a full grip on the pencil.

DODOcase Leather Apple Pencil Sleeve REVIEW

Even though it’s intended to use as a sleeve for your Apple Pencil, you could also use the sleeve as a bookmark. It lays flat when it’s not in use so you can easily slide it in between the pages of the novel you are enjoying at the time. Despite the fact that the sleeve was crafted with the length and body of the Apple Pencil, you can use it for other styluses and even standard ink pens. It’s really a handsome compliment to any handheld writing device — digital or analog based.

The Pencil Sleeve arrived in a classic DODOcase canvas sleeve. It is soft, supple, and flexible, which I really like. It has the beautiful smell of real leather and the stitching and color that DODOcase chose for this piece remind me of something from the old west. I would love to see a small loop installed on the back — perhaps it could be an optional strap — so that it travels better. Right now, you only really have the option to slide the pencil in the sleeve in your pocket. I’d love to see it be able to attach to the iPad Pro some how.

DODOcase Leather Apple Pencil Sleeve REVIEW

The Leather Apple Pencil Sleeve is a really lovely accessory and it gives me a sense of elegance with my digital world. Because it’s so organic, it feels very old world and I love that combined with my new world technology.

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