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When I picked up my 10.5-inch iPad Pro, I knew that it might be a long wait before great third party cases and sleeves would come along. I was happy with just having the Apple Smart Keyboard until I was in my truck one day and noticed that the back of the iPad Pro wasn’t being protected. I also realized that my Apple Pencil was just magnetized to the Smart Keyboard and could easily be left behind somewhere. I knew if I wanted to take care of this amazing iPad and its accessories, I was going to have to invest in Apple’s Leather Sleeve to carry it all. This was problematic as Apple never seems to have it in stock and neither does Best Buy. Luckily for me, DODOcase has other options like the Durables Sleeve. DODOcase is a company we have worked with in the past and have found that the quality of their products is impeccable so I was excited to try out their newest iPad Pro sleeve.

DODOcase iPad Pro 10.5 Durables Sleeve REVIEW

Once DODOcase sent out the Durables Sleeve, I found myself less nervous on taking my iPad out and about. DODOcase designs wonderfully crafted products for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. They also have a new Apple Pencil Sleeve that Robyn will discuss in her review next week.

The Durables Sleeve besides having not much of a name is just that — a super durable sleeve with a slim profile that houses your Apple Pencil, iPad Pro, and the Smart Keyboard. Its exterior is made from a waxed canvas and genuine mahogany leather while the inside liner is a cotton twill. The padding is recycled felt and you can keep your goodies secure by using the snap closure. The stitching on this sleeve is immaculate and because of the raised lip after the stitching, I feel that it’s a hard enough surface to protect the iPad Pro from small bumps. The canvas gives the sleeve a classy feel while also providing daily working sturdiness.

DODOcase iPad Pro 10.5 Durables Sleeve REVIEW

The cotton twill is a different color than the outside and I find this to be a good look inside of any case or sleeve. Something that I read before getting this sleeve but forgot about was the handy interior elastic loop that fits the Apple Pencil. Honestly, when I first got my hands on it I slipped my iPad with Smart Keyboard inside and was surprised how nice of a fit it was. We review lots of cases and some are made to only hold the iPad. If you’re rocking a Smart Keyboard well, you’re just out of luck.

I used the Durables Sleeve for a while before catching the loop for the Pencil. The elastic loop does a good job of keeping the Pencil in place perfectly. I wish the first day of using it I would have remembered this as I left my house and decided against taking the Pencil with me because I was afraid I would lose Apple’s $100 drawing tool. I spent four hours wishing I had the Pencil that day and now that I’ve found this wonderful little loop, it’s like the Force and a Jedi’s Lightsaber — the Pencil will always be with me.

DODOcase iPad Pro 10.5 Durables Sleeve REVIEW

If you’re in the market for a quality-made iPad Pro sleeve that looks great while doing its job of protecting your gear, then DODOcase has the product for you.

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