A classy option for iPad Pro case.

Sometimes cases for phones and tablets can add more than just protection — they can add a touch of class. That is what product design DODOcase tries to do with their handmade designs. I’ve been fortunate to be able to try out some of their products and I’ve always found them to be of high quality and superior design. So, when I got my 10.5-inch iPad Pro, I decided to try out their custom-made products. I landed on one of their signature products, the DODOcase for iPad Pro 10.5

This case is a simple folio wrap around case that allows you to snap your iPad into a hard plastic backing. The wrap around piece is book bound and of course, hand crafted in San Francisco like many of DODOcase’s products. There is an elastic loop included to help secure the case, keep it shut, or hold onto an Apple Pencil or another stylus. It is a ‘smart’ cover and compatible with the iPad’s sleep/wake functionality. The aforementioned backing is a polymer try that has smooth cutouts to allow easy access to all the ports and buttons on the iPad. DODOcase for iPad Pro has a very nice camera port, or cutout, for the lens, which provides good protection for the camera itself.

DODOcase iPad Pro 10.5 Case REVIEW

The design is meant to make your iPad look and feel like a book. In that effort, it succeeds. When I first took it out of its packaging,  I thought it looked like a journal and it really gave me the impression of a book. The DODOcase provides users with multiple viewing angles including upright reading position, angled display mode, and typing mode. There is even an option for an “A-Frame Position”, but I haven’t really been able to work with that successfully. The iPad Pro DODOcase is offered in 4 two-tone options — black/charcoal, dove gray/indigo, green/gunnysack, and granite/merlot. If for some reason you don’t like those color options, you can design your own DODOcase with their customizer online.

DODOcase iPad Pro 10.5 Case REVIEW

As I mentioned, I’ve been impressed with the customized craftsmanship of the DODOcase products for quite some time. Even though the DODOcase for iPad Pro is really nicely made, I sort of felt that something was lacking. Installing the iPad into the case is no problem, but if you are using it, you can’t use your Smart Keyboard if you have one. The Smart Connector on the tablet is completely covered by the interior shell. I do feel that the iPad is secure when it’s covered by the DODOcase. It fits tightly into the inner shell piece and when it’s closed, the case provides a moderate amount of protection from bumps and falls. I really like how the case looks. It’s classic in its design and the case isn’t so bulky that you can’t slide it easily into tablet pockets within laptop bags.

DODOcase iPad Pro 10.5 Case REVIEW

Because I really like the ability to use my Smart Keyboard, the DODOcase isn’t really the case for me. I think those who don’t use the functionality of the Smart Keyboard and enjoy classic, minimalist style, will really enjoy the DODOcase for iPad Pro.

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