App falls short with a confusing interface.

Documents for iPhone and iPad App Review 3Apple products come with with a lot of document editing capabilities built in. You can create and edit documents in Pages, Numbers and Keynote and sync them with your Mac via iCloud. You can easily convert a document to PDF, ePub, or Word all from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

With all of this seamless document handling ability, it can be easy to forget that many people are using Windows computers at home and at work and are missing out of some of these conveniences.

Without a Mac desktop and iCloud, your options are to print to an AirPrint printer, email or send a text message with the attached document. Depending on the document size, this may be difficult.

Documents for iPhone and iPad App Review 4Documents for iPhone and iPad attempts to make life a little bit easier for people in this situation by providing the ability to create, edit and store documents locally with customizable folders, sync to Google Drive and DropBox, and export to PDF. It also included the ability to email the files and the notes say that it can transfer documents wirelessly or via cable, but I could not locate a menu option to do either.

Overall, I found the interface to be a little clunky. The splash screen reminded me of a Windows 95 clipart splash screen and the main interface of the app continues this theme with bright colors on metallic backgrounds and classic looking icons.

Documents for iPhone and iPad App Review 5The custom folder names are nice and the interface is good at showing you where all of the main options are located. Connecting to DropBox and Google Drive is very straight forward and available from the main screen. You also get a document template library that is loaded with options similar to Microsoft Word.

Where I feel like this app falls short is in sending and receiving. If you were using Google Drive or DropBox as your primary syncing service, you should be in good shape. You can edit and sync back to your shares. However, if you would like to send to another computer or another user, you are going to be stuck with email unless you are better than me at finding the wireless and wired sync option. I looked in the settings menu, but only found options to turn on and off the main sections of the interface.

Documents for iPhone and iPad App Review 6Documents for iPhone and iPad does do most of what it claims it can do, however the interface is confusing to me and after using the app for a bit, I think it would as easy if not more easy to just email an exported PDF or Word document out of the free Pages app to accomplish the same thing. The one thing you can’t directly do is send to Dropbox or Google Drive from Pages on iPhone or iPad, but you could always install iCloud for Windows and have most of the Mac features without a third party app. I think that Documents for iPhone and iPad is a solution in search of a problem rather than the savior it would like to be.

Documents is available through the App Store for $4.99.



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