A versatile base to charge and use your Apple Watch

DOCK for Apple Watch Charging Dock Review 4Since the Apple Watch has emerged in the market, so have charging docks to support it. As most will remember, the watch was released with only its charging cable – a very specialized cable, in fact, that is only available through Apple. At first, I was forced to charge my Apple Watch on a flat surface and hope that the watch wouldn’t get damaged by laying around on a table. Slowly, docks started being designed in a variety of ways. I have to say that I feel like product designers have really pushed the envelope with some of the docks that have been released. The DOCK for Apple Watch from Native Union is a perfect example of this.

First Impressions
Even before I removed the dock from its box, it made an impression. It was heavy! DOCK comes in two pieces – the weighted base and the rotating arm. The two pieces together weigh approximately 495 grams (17.5 ounces). That is quite a substantial dock. I’ve used several ‘light weight’ stands that topple over at times, which is not good for your watch. Native Union designed the stand in this manner so that users could rest assured that their watch was safe on its base. DOCK is made from silicone and aircraft grade aluminum. It’s finished in tones of matte graphite and silver so that it compliments all styles of the Apple Watch. DOCK can truly stand alone as a magnificently designed product. It’s got style and superior function.

DOCK for Apple Watch Charging Dock Review 4Use
Set-up and use of DOCK is very easy. As I mentioned, it comes in two pieces. They interlock with a very strong internal magnet. All you have to do is get the two pieces close and they join together. The watch’s charging cable routes very smoothly, too. The cable runs around the interior of the rotating arm and out the back side. Once the arm is placed onto the base, you can freely rotate it to your liking. This stand makes it very easy to continue using the watch while its charging since you can adjust the viewing angle. In addition to a vertical stand, you can flip the dock on its back and use it horizontally. This allows you to monopolize on all of the Apple Watch’s features including the Nightstand viewing mode. This is one of the first stands I’ve encountered that allows you the versatility of switching between horizontal and vertical so easily. I’ve used this stand for a couple of weeks and found it to be one of the most uniquely designed, easy to use charging docks for the Apple Watch available.

DOCK for Apple Watch Charging Dock Review 5Conclusions
DOCK for Apple Watch is a great option for charging and storing your watch. It has a unique design and great balance for use. I am looking forward to seeing the evolution of this device and hope that Native Union will consider making a portable charging version of it (rechargeable battery in the base with an incorporated charging puck in the rotating arm). It’s got such a clean design – I would love to see it work as a charging station without cable attached to it.

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