DOACE M-BOX Wireless Surround Sound Speaker is a classy Bluetooth speaker that packs a punch.

The box is basic cardboard with a set of the speaker on the cover. The sketch does not do the speaker justice as the brown leather/suede on chrome appearance is very modern. There are 2 available colors, cold and silver. I received the silver one and really like the color blend. Opening the package you will find a piece of wax paper and then the speaker. Beneath the speaker is a form fitted cardboard box. Remove this and you will find a compartment with the instructions and the USB A to USB micro cable. I really like that the company included a flat cable and that the cable is black (instead of a white cable). There is some white accent to the cable both in the words DOACE and along the junction of the cord and USBA/Micro connector.

DOACE M-BOX Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Review

Initial Impression:
The packaging is acceptable, nothing to brag about. I think that the sketch of the speaker is actually doing the company a disservice, as this cheapens the actual product appeal. The outer packaging is written in appropriate English, discusses the aspects of the speaker. “Enjoy 6-8 Hours of Music when fully charged, Long Range Wireless Capability (8-10m), Microphone, Earphones & USB Cable (Included), Bluetooth V 4.0, Simply connect to your Bluetooth Device and take your Music anywhere!” This is short sweet and to the point. Unboxing the product (the best part) reveals the speaker and the accessories. It lists on the box “earphones & USB cable included.” I only received the USB A to USB micro cable and did not receive an Audio Input cable. It is not certain if this was an error on the packaging or the product was missing components. Either way, I did not receive the cable.

The instructions do not have the same finish as the outer packaging. The English in the instruction manual is poorly written/translated, specifically on page 2 with the FAQ and Safety practices. “This product can’t be eaten, please keep kids off it!”, “Any edge cutting, not smooth surface, metal parts, accessoties (spelled this way in the manual), or package are all possible to cause the bleed or injured accidentally, please be careful when using.” These are just a few of the issues with the manual. Most of the manual is understandable, albeit with some minor difficulty.

DOACE M-BOX Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Review

The Device:
I really like the silver/chrome with the brown leather accents. The instructions state to charge the device (“TIPS! Please give the new device charging before use”), but do not provide a recommended charging time. I charged it for 4 hours, hoping this would be adequate. It claims t last 6-8 hours on a charge. To turn the speaker on, long press the on/off button for about 3-5 seconds. If you tap the on/off button again this will switch between aux in and Bluetooth in. The volume buttons are self explanatory. I thought my favorite part of this speaker would be the built in microphone feature, which would allow me to make/receive phone calls through my phone. I tried this and it was really hard to hear for the other person (my wife). She stated that it was poor sound quality on the other end, she could not hear me. I tried this with talking directly at the Mbox speaker and talking into my smartphone as the microphone. She did not really want to participate any longer so I gave up. It does work, but at this point I will need to test it more. The controls on the top of the Mbox make using the speaker very simple. When receiving a call, tap the play/pause button to accept, and when done tap again to hang up. Also, standard with many Bluetooth speakers are the previous/rewind and next/fast-forward buttons. The buttons are well marked on the speaker and also are pretty straight forward. Short press to go to the next or previous selection and long press.

DOACE M-BOX Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Review

Once charged hold the power on button for 3-5 seconds. Go into “Settings” on your smart device and then into Bluetooth. You will hear a robotic beeping noise. On your smart phone, you will see “DOACE@M-BOX.” Select this and your device is paired. I tested the device initially listening to “The Paladin Prophecy Alliance” on my IPhone 6S Plus. The sound is quite nice. In fact, I had to actually turn the volume down (on the device). I find that it is easier to leave the volume at maximum on the device and adjust on the phone. I also tested this on some classic Rock “Paradise by the Dashboard light” by Meatloaf and “Somebody to Love” Queen then some more modern selections like “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga. I am really pleased with the sound of this little speaker. This is one of the better Bluetooth speakers that I have tested. I think the only thing that would make this better is to have the speaker stackable to add a subwoofer/base booster. The sound is great, it is super loud and actually very adequate on base. I tested this specifically using “Hotel California,” Eagles Hell Freezes Over album and “Bohemian Rhapsody” Queen.

DOACE M-BOX Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Review

Coming from someone who is not an audiophile snob, I find that this speaker does quite well. I listened to Peter Hollens versions of “Mary Did you Know,” and Hallelujah and the sound was full. I really liked that at the higher decibels, the speaker did not get that tin like sound that some smaller speakers develop at the upper volume levels. Put this on a flat surface near a wall and the sound will be even more amazing and deeper as well, using the surrounding acoustics. Did I say this speaker is loud? This thing puts out substantial sound.

DOACE M-BOX Wireless Surround Sound Speaker ReviewThere are a few promises that fall short (no Audio-In cable, the microphone did not seem to pick up that well. Even with these failed aspects, this is a really strong and loud speaker. I would highly recommend this speaker as it packs a prominent punch and will work very well.


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