TimeBox creates pixel art that brings me to a happy place

I like to surround myself with a variety of colored lights. I have Philips Hue lights in just about every room of my house, LED color-changing salt lamps, a Tetris-inspired desk light, and LED color-changing strip lights that border my desk and television. The colorful lights take me to a happy place and the TimeBox from Divoom is my latest acquisition and a welcome one at that.

Divoom TimeBox Programmable Pixel Art Speaker

TimeBox is a small box that displays programmable pixel art. You have the option of using premade images or programming your own into TimeBox. While I was a CES in January, I ran into the representatives from Divoom and spoke with them about my love of colored lights and how much I enjoy pixel art. Being a child of the 80s, seeing the designs made from single pixels on the TimeBox brought me back to my childhood. The TimeBox now proudly sits on my desk and it’s a little piece of heaven I’ve wanted to try out for a long time. It’s just fun. The bright colorful pixel art box is also a powerful Bluetooth speaker that connects via Bluetooth 4.0. While I find that the speaker is a neat add-on, personally, I am happy with just the pixel art.

Divoom TimeBox Programmable Pixel Art Speaker

Aside from the pretty images and the Bluetooth speaker, TimeBox also acts as a Smart Alarm, Sleep Aid, FM Radio, and notification center for your smartphone. Here are some of the unique features of TimeBox:

  • More than 30 built-in sleep aiding programs and smart alarms, enchanted with both soft lighting and sound.
  • Box includes a 3” 5-watts DSP-Equipped speaker with passive radiator, precision tuned by the Divoom Sound Engineers.
  • 121 programmable LED with over 256 available colors
  • Advanced mobile app, built-in thermometer, social notification system

Divoom TimeBox Programmable Pixel Art Speaker

As mentioned above, you have the ability to program the TimeBox so that when you receive a notification from a service on your smartphone, the device will change pictures and flash to notify you. This is a great option especially for people like me, who sometimes have trouble hearing the actual notification ping from my phone.

So, how do the notifications work on it? I’d give it a solid ‘B’ rating. Sometimes there is a bit of a lag between receiving a text message on the phone and when the TimeBox actually flashes, but I’ve not really had a problem with it missing notifications. I actually have TimeBox programmed to notify me when I receive text messages or messages from Facebook Messenger. I have it set to show a different icon for each type of message so that I know exactly what came in.  Even though the text messages are just a few seconds behind the sound of my iPhone but I do find myself paying more attention to the flashing of the Messages icon than I do the sound of my iPhone. One other thing to note, with all the options provided for notifications, there is nothing for email. With email being the biggest way I receive messages throughout the day, the lack of pixel art notifications for it is a bit of a letdown.

Divoom TimeBox Programmable Pixel Art Speaker

One of the things that makes the Timebox so unique is that you can design and submit your own artwork with it so others can choose to display it on their TimeBox if it’s approved. The only downside to this is that when I start designing my own pixel art on my smartphone, I find myself attempting to make create a masterpiece and before I know it I’ve wasted way too much of my work day goofing off.

Divoom TimeBox Programmable Pixel Art Speaker Divoom TimeBox Programmable Pixel Art Speaker Divoom TimeBox Programmable Pixel Art Speaker

TimeBox isn’t very big, but it’s not small either. It measures 4.5″ x 4.5″ in size and is only 2.1″ deep. It doesn’t weigh very much (only 433 grams) so you could feel confident about putting it on a shelf. Timebox will always have a home on my office desk as it’s one of the things that help remind me to stay young inside. If you are like me and enjoy colorful lighting in your home, TimeBox might be right for your collection.

For more information, visit divoom.com/timebox
Find Divoom on Facebook and Twitter.

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