Ditto by Simple Matters is a Bluetooth notification button that vibrates to let you know when you’ve received a call, text, or other alert from your phone.

Like the name suggests, the Ditto vibrates when your phone does. It clips onto your clothing (I’ve mostly been wearing mine on my bra strap) or an included (kind of ugly) wristband, so that you can be sure to catch all your important communications, even if your phone is on silent, in a purse or jacket pocket, or in the other room. It is simple, nondescript, and waterproof (and kind of slippery? I’ve dropped mine countless times already, but it’s still holding up).

Ditto Wearable Tech for Smartphones Review Ditto Wearable Tech for Smartphones Review

The notification settings are completely customizable via the free Ditto app for iOS and Android, which is really the core of this product’s usefulness. On it, you can set your customized vibrations for phone calls, texts, emails, calendar alerts, alarms, timers, and notifications for apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Uber, Facebook, Hangouts, and WeChat. So maybe a Messenger alert would be a set of three vibrations, a phone call would be five, a text would be two, etc. You can also set ditto to notify you only for certain “favorite” contacts.

Ditto Wearable Tech for Smartphones Review

And here we come to the cons part of the review. Ditto sometimes has a difficult time establishing a Bluetooth connection, even when my phone and the device are inches apart. It has also had a problem staying connected. I initially had it set so that Ditto would alert me if I was out of range of my phone, but I had to turn this feature off because it just kept disconnecting and reconnecting and vibrating every few minutes for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s angry that I drop it so often. There have been four updates since I started testing Ditto five-ish days ago. Ditto is also battery-powered, but not rechargeable, which some people might see as a pro, but I’m putting in the cons. Who wants to buy batteries? Not me. One supposedly lasts a few months, depending on usage.

Ditto Wearable Tech for Smartphones Review Ditto Wearable Tech for Smartphones Review Ditto Wearable Tech for Smartphones Review

You cannot turn it off. You can only put your Ditto on “Do Not Disturb” for a set amount of time. Finally, it retails for $39.95. Literally all it does is vibrate when your phone already vibrates. There is actually a quite extensive list on the developer’s website detailing exactly what Ditto is not, which is an amusing read.

For more information, visit simplematters.com.
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