Wally Ether case is the cleanest card-carrying iPhone case that’s made to feel like no case at all

I’m one of those iPhone users that don’t like to keep my phone in a case. I feel that it was designed to be used as is so it can handle normal daily use. Has my phone suffered a few dings along the way? Sure, but it is still fully functional and nothing major has happened to it. That said, there are sometimes that I feel that I miss out on some features provided by premium cases. One such feature is the wallet case. Most of the ones I’ve seen are bulky and kind of unruly to use. So, when I found the Wally Ether Wallet case for iPhone, I was pleasantly surprised.

Distil Union Wally Ether Wallet

The Wally Ether Wallet is different, it’s different because it’s a credit card case but unlike the standard card-carrying cases you can hardly tell you’re carrying anything. It’s got an incredible way to make you feel like there is hardly a case on your iPhone at all. The back of the case has a pull tab that when tugged on your cards will pull out and you have quick access to your credit cards or cash.

Distil Union Wally Ether Wallet

The Wally Ether has a clear hardshell backplate to help the illusion that there is no case on your device. The ‘wallet’ is made of vegetable-tanned leather and is available in custom aniline-dyed hues so that you have your favorite leather wallet with you wherever you go. The pull tab I mentioned is designed to keep your content secret until you reveal them. Distil Union created this case so that you can still have the best iPhone experience without a wallet case getting in the way. While I really like the minimalist design of the case, I do want to point out that there is very little lip on the front for screen protection against falls or drops. With that in mind, I would probably add a glass screen protector to your phone if you plan on this being a long-term case for your uses.

Distil Union Wally Ether Wallet

Distil Union says you can carry up to three cards and 1 bill in the Wally Ether, I find that three cards work but it’s a tight fit and had trouble getting cash to fix even when I was using two cards. Now in defense of the case, my cash had been wrinkled up and just didn’t want to slide into the case all the way. If you were to carry a couple of bills, a Drivers License, and a debit card, I think you could probably make it work without a lot of hassle.

Distil Union Wally Ether Wallet

Over time you will find with services like ApplePay that carrying less is just more convenient and that wallet cases will become the new normal for many of us. Distil Union has a very nice case that is making the transition from full wallet to iPhone wallet case much easier everyone. This case was made for people like me who don’t want a bulky overstated case on their phone, but still, want the convenience that a wallet case brings.

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