Disposable is a simple budgeting app that allows you to input your income and expenses to keep track of your disposable income.

Disposable: Your Income at a Glance iOS App ReviewI’m a fan of the idea of a budgeting app. I have never put much thought into managing my money, as I haven’t had to worry much about it before now, being in school and all. I should probably start paying more attention to my financial situation now that I’m kind of an adult. Testing out Disposable was a nice introduction. It’s easy to use and doesn’t get too complex, those these traits can also be negative, as budgeting is kind of a complex procedure.

This app has three tabs: Summary, Pay, and Transactions. They’re each pretty straightforward. The Summary tab displays your most recent pay date and subtracts any recorded transactions for the period, showing your disposable income in green at the bottom of your screen. You can record your expenses in the Transactions tab as either recurring (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) or one-off. Under the Pay tab, you can input your form of payment (in the same time increments).

Disposable: Your Income at a Glance iOS App Review I feel like this app is rather clunky and too simplistic. I have a few sources of income, some of which come in weekly, quarterly, and sporadic payments. Disposable doesn’t have an easy way to deal with this sort of financial situation, as you can only record your income as a whole for the time period you choose. It also doesn’t carry over leftover income from one pay period to the next, so there isn’t a way to keep track of savings. It simply shows your leftover income per period after taking out your bills and other expenses.

Basically, this app is set up to do a subtraction equation. It may be useful for keeping track of spending paycheck to paycheck, but its usefulness, in my opinion, is limited.

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