Disk Analyzer Pro Mac App leaves you with unwanted files.

I had some high expectations for this app, but was sorely disappointed. A couple of years ago, I upgraded by laptop, but in doing so I shrunk the size of my hard drive space. It was the best way to get the most for my money. At the time, I thought I could easily do without, but thus far, I’ve been somewhat unsuccessful at keeping space available on my hard drive. I am consistently exceeding my limits and have to quickly do data dumps onto hard drives. For this reason, having a disk cleanup tool at your disposal is a good idea. I had the opportunity to test out Disk Analyzer Pro and thought it might be a great option for getting rid of unwanted files as well as monitoring my disk space a little more closely.

Installation was easy as it’s available in the Mac App Store. Within just a few minutes, the utility app was ready to work. Once you start up the app, you are met with the Start Scan screen. From here, you select the disk that you want to have analyzed and click Start Scan. Depending on the size of your disk and the amount of data stored on it, this process could take a few minutes. For me, my main hard drive has a little of 100GB stored on it currently and it took about 7 minutes to scan.

Disk Analyzer Pro Mac App Review

When the scan is complete, you get to review the overview screen. This shows you a graphical representation of your hard drive’s data and breaks it into categories for you to easily see what is taking up the most space on your computer. There are several tabs in the interface that either create different reports for you or give you an option for viewing your files. Disk Analyzer Pro will show you a report on any file/folder/drive on your computer as long as it’s highlighted in the browser.

Disk Analyzer Pro Mac App Review

Now here is where the ‘clean-up’ part of the app comes in. One of the tabs is marked Obsolete Files. This shows you all of the ‘junk’ files stored on your hard drive that are just hanging out and taking up space. According to Disk Analyzer’s website’s FAQs, you should be able to select files and delete them right from the utility, but for me, all my files were grayed out and non-selectable. Even if I highlighted the file and tried to right-click, or select options from the Edit menu, I was still met with a roadblock. In fact, the only way I could do anything with the ‘obsolete files’ was to open them in the finder (that option was available) and move them to the trash from there. I was able to select files and delete them from the File Explorer tab, but these were files that I potentially want to keep.

Disk Analyzer Pro Mac App Review

When I started reviewing Disk Analyzer Pro, I was hopeful that this would be a good solution for me. It has a very nice looking, easy to understand interface and a useful purpose. Unfortunately, it’s utility just fell flat for me. I looked at its tutorials and FAQ section on its website, but found no useful information. I did discover that the last time the app was updated was over one year ago. I’m hopeful that the developer will release an update soon to remedy the issue I was having.

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