Discoball Dual Quick Charging Station provides a good solution to clutter and charging woes.

With gaming technology getting more and more advanced everyday I find myself buying new games and accessories each week. This is awesome, but at the same time I am running out of room on my entertainment center for everything.

Discoball’s controller charging stand solves spoke of this for me. I play a lot of games, sometimes it turns into a marathon and I have to switch controllers in the middle when the battery is low. The controller charging stand makes the transition quick and easy, while still staying In the game. The biggest hassle of charging my controllers is that you have to do it from the PS4 itself.

Discoball Dual Quick Charging Station

The charging stand can be plugged in to any available USB slot. This means that you can charge on the end table next to your favorite chair. The charging stand hold two controllers vertically, saving space. The stand is designed to charge two PS4 controllers at the same time – simultaneously.

The cradle for each controller is a piece of clear plastic with a micro USB port. I did notice that the cradles hold the controllers a little loosely, but they are just tight enough to keep them from falling. The cradles are backlit by blue LEDs, giving it a little bit of visual appeal. The LEDs didn’t initially come on when plugged in, but after a few minutes they fired up and I haven’t had a problem since. The actual charging was pretty straightforward with a normal charge time.  The space saving upright design was the reason I liked the controller charging stand, but after a while I found the idea of charging anywhere amazing.

Discoball Dual Quick Charging Station

Discoball Dual Quick Charging StationOverall, this is a really nice option for charging your PS4 controllers. The only complaint I had was how the package arrived. You will see from the photos included in this review that the box was completely torn up and taped up as though it were shipped that way – and not damaged while in transit. This was a bit disappointing because it makes me nervous to re-order from this company again. The controllers were not damaged, but that was surprising because of the poor condition of the box.

The Discoball Dual Quick Charging Station is an inexpensive solution to clutter and charging woes. I really enjoy using mine.