The DIGOO DG-C12 Weather station promised excitement but suffered from connectivity issues.

If you navigated to this page hoping to find drama about a 74-year-old song, I will only partially disappoint you.  The modern take is simply inaccurate and does not represent the meaning of the song.  If evaluated based on the culture of 1944, people would be shocked at the progressive and pro-women nature of the song.  Put plainly, this is simply ridiculous and not worth the tongue service.  Not afraid to capitalize upon a little press, let me segue into the reason for this post, a discussion about the DIGOO weather station.  The DIGOO DG-C12 Smart WIFI Weather Station arrived in a 9 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches tall by 2 5/8 inches thick retail package.  The cover, adorned with a 5 1/4 inches long by 2 3/4 inches tall black box with LED screen, captured my attention.  The image of the DIGOO weather device portrayed the indoor and outdoor temp, humidity, low/high temperature, the date and time.  The right side of the box detailed two QR codes and the left side provided a large product UPC label.  The top panel provided the DIGOO title/logo, while the bottom panel was devoid of writing. The back of the box demonstrated a smaller image of the device from the cover, with five descriptive icons: Lage LED display, Built-In calendar, Simple interface, WiFI Weather forecast function, Indoor temp and humidity function.  

Inside of the box, you will find a 40 inches long USB-A to AC power cable, a short instruction manual, and the Smart WiFi weather station.  The 8 1/4 inches wide by 4 1/16 inches tall wide by a variably thick device (1 5/8 inches thick at the top and 2 1/8 inches thick at the base) reminded me of my old alarm clock. The back of the device had a 5 7/8 inches long by 2 3/4 inches tall panel. There was an input port for DC 5V input and along the top of the panel, three 3/16 inches square buttons labeled “Set,” “Up,” and “Down.”  To use the device, you will need to plug the USB A cable into a power brick (not included).  Next, the instruction manual recommended that you navigate to the iOS App Store and type Wifi Clock into the search field.  This did not bring up the correct App, so I used my QR reader to scan the IOS QR code within the instruction manual.  I downloaded the App, whose pictures were all in Chinese Characters and then opened it.  The App asked me for location service permissions while using the App and when not using the App.  I gave permission for usage of location data, only while using the App.  The initial screen displayed “MY CLOCK” across the top and had a “+” icon with the following description: “Master: Please click here to add a WIFI clock!.”  The display on the clock showed “SCAN” along the bottom right and a WiFi icon across the top. 

Digoo Weather Station DG-C12
I tapped the plus icon and the App took me to a screen with my WIFI name already selected.  It asked me to input my WIFI key and roughly a minute later I received an error message. After the first sixty-second timeout error, I tried a second and third time.  I retyped my password, which I knew to be correct, and this device would not connect to my WIFI network.  I turned on-off the device, I reset my modem/router and tried a total of about fifteen times.  I have guest access on my Linksys Velop WIFI system and I tapped my name “Walters” to try to change the Wifi network.  When I selected the name it took me to Settings and to the WIFI Clock options within my iPhone.  When I changed my iPhone XS Max network to Walters-Guest, the name changed on the App to Walters-Guest.   The password to the Guest services is much easier and access to my main network is also much more constricted.  I tried this setup and I still received “Please turn on your device and close your wireless router and try again.” I tried downloading the app on my wife’s iPhone 7 and it did not work with the clock.   Unfortunately, I have no android devices at home to test the clock.  I reset my modem, reset my router again, turned on/off the device again.  I made sure that the device was in “SCAN” mode and retested the device another half dozen times.  Unfortunately, each time I received the same error code.   Aware of the fact that the device will only work with the 2.4 GHz bandwidth, I navigated to “Devices” on my Linksys Velop Router and found my iPhone to be on a 2.4 GHz channel.  

DG-C12 Weather Station DIGOOAfter about 45 minutes of trial and error, I was not able to get the device to link to my WIFI network.  In an era of immediate gratification, many people would have given up long before I did.  I truly hate to leave negative reviews of products because it takes a lot of hard work to create devices like the weather station.  However, when they do not work, I will relay my frustrations.  I loved the nostalgia of the shape and the digital appearance of the screen.  I truly looked forward to seeing the device upon my nightstand.  Despite the inability to connect to the App, I also found a few other negatives.  The power cable was on the shorter end of the spectrum and may not be long enough for some uses.  I appreciated that the company chose USB-A for a power system but was disappointed that they did not include a charging cube.  Within the instruction manual, there was no troubleshooting section nor did they provide contact information.  Without a phone number, an email, or a facebook page link, I turned to the internet for assistance.  I navigated to, found a support email, composed a message and sent an email to 

I watched a few YouTube videos online, perused the Amazon page, searched for DG-C12 connection issues and came up short.  I navigated to their website and typed DG-C12 into the search bar and was unable to find the device through that method either.  My email to the company noted that I was reviewing the product with, using an iPhone XS Max, Linksys Velop Wifi and that I was receiving an error message “Please turn on your device and close your wireless router and try again.”  After forty-eight hours I received an email response from the company.  

“Dear friend,  Our Sincere apology for hearing that you experience technical problems.  Could you please confirm with us where did you purchase this item ?  And can you tell us related order number ? Thanks for you kindly understanding in advance and looking forward to your reply.  Best Regards.”  

I sent an email back describing that it was sent for review and not purchased and I was then instructed to “please try to contact Macsources seller to show the issues and ask for a warranty?”  They noted that they could not provide warranty service because ” we do not have permission to check your order.”  I sent a third email asking to talk to their PR team and have yet to hear back from them. To summarize the experience, I was disappointed with the inability to test this device further, with the response from the company to get Warranty information through, and with the lack of information in the instruction manual.  If I learn more about the product, I will update the article with information available.

If interested, you can learn more about DIGOO products by navigating to their website.  
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