DigiOm Bluetooth Earphone needs improvement in the style and comfort department.

There are many different types of Bluetooth headsets in the market and we’ve had the opportunity to test a wide gamut of styles. The DigiOm Bluetooth Earphone is in a class on its own and testing it was a disappointing experience.

Initial Impression:
The packaging is very basic, coming in a plain white box with white stickers with black lettering. There is no design on the packaging. Opening the box, I found the instruction manual rolled up and a triangular black ear piece, with gold accent, in a small zip lock bag. This is a Bluetooth 4.0 inline headphone, that sticks directly into the ear. There is no over the ear holder, there are no extra ear tips. You get the device (in a baggie), a generic large round ear bud (in another baggie), without any type of foam/cloth covering. The ear bud has a micro-USB connector, which can plug into the bottom of the DIGIOM. The idea is that this can then be used as Bluetooth ear buds for music/phone calls etc. There was nothing else in the package except a USB to micro-USB charging cable, simple, and nondescript.

DigiOm Bluetooth Earphone Review

Preferring discreet and simple for my Bluetooth earpieces, I am not a fan of this coloring scheme. It looks too much like jewelry for my liking, too flashy and attention grabbing. The triangle shape is easy to grip, but it is hard to push the device into the ear canal. Each time you try to push, you depress the side button and turn on music or make a call. When the tip is introduced into the canal, it does not stay there securely. Simply turning my head led to one or both of the earbuds falling from my ear. I have found that I like the apple ear buds and I really like the ear tips that look like stacked cones, as this helps to keep the tip in the ear canal.

The instructions are easy to understand and are actually well written (few typo’s). Start by plugging the device in and charging it. This will charge via any USB power socket, computer/laptop etc. I charged it for about 3 hours and came back and noted it was fully charged. While charging you will see a red light and when fully charged this will turn blue. There are only 2 buttons on the device. The big black answer/end button takes up the entire outer face of the device. This is the button that is surrounded by gold accent. Unfortunately, this button is much too easy to depress with any manipulation of the earbud. It turns on/off music or apps when you do not want it to do so. On the side adjacent to the charging socket is the volume/language adjust button. This button is incredibly small and is rather hard to push/find as it is a very small button.

DigiOm Bluetooth Earphone Review

Hold the outer button for 3 seconds and you will here “power on,” and hold it for about 5-6 seconds and hear “Power off.” If you hold the side button it will change to Chinese. Hold it again and hear “English Mode.” Pairing was simple and straightforward as it automatically pairs. I did not have to type any pin or code, it paired smoothly.

DigiOm Bluetooth Earphone ReviewMy biggest complaint and honestly the largest weakness of the device, is the volume button. There is no up/down volume, there is only a single button to press. If you hold it, it will change language. Continue to press the volume on the device. When you reach the volume max/min it will alert you “maximum volume,” and “minimum volume.” You can control the volume from your device, which is a much better option and is markedly more sensitive. If you control from the Digiom, you only can go up or down in a single direction until you reach the max/min and then it will take you the other way. Do not mistakenly hold for too long or you will change language. It works well enough to answer a phone call by touching the outer button, similar to other Bluetooth ear pieces I have tested (seems to be standard). Double tap the outer button to re-dial last number called.

I really do try to find the good in the products that I test. In this device I find fault in the shape of the device, in the accessory ear piece (not comfortable and won’t remain in ear), the sound is average at best, the ear pieces do not stay in the ear canal that well and I really dislike the coloring. I rate this at 2/5.

For more information, visit digiom.net/digiom-earphone.