An inexpensive tablet that holds up pretty well.

DigiLand 7" Quad-Core Tablet Review 3This is a good tablet for its price. It has a quad-core processor, two cameras, 8 GB of storage plus a micro SD card slot for additional memory, a 7-inch HD display, and runs Android 4.4 KitKat.

My first impression of this tablet wasn’t wholly positive. This product’s greatest flaw is pretty immediately apparent, and that would be the screen. It isn’t great. Portrait-oriented, the viewing angles are all wonky (by which I mean that one side was perpetually too light and the other side, too dark). This issue is extremely less problematic in landscape, but I found it difficult to get used to.

DigiLand 7" Quad-Core Tablet Review 4This is a lesser flaw, but I found it bothersome; again, while held in portrait orientation, I wasn’t sure which side was the top and which was the bottom. I initially assumed that the power and volume buttons, ports, and camera would be at the top, but then the volume buttons work opposite what they should, the microphone is at the top, and all the labels for the ports are upside-down. But why would the camera be in the bottom, right-hand corner? And why would the Again, this issue is easily solvable by using the tablet horizontally instead.

Third: the tablet goes dead pretty quickly, even if the tablet is sitting dormant. The battery only lasts “up to 3 hours” anyway.

DigiLand 7" Quad-Core Tablet Review 5Once I got over these initial obstacles, the DigiLand tablet proved to be pretty solid. I downloaded applications, played games, did some light reading, took some selfies and non-selfies with the front and rear-facing cameras (not awesome, but serviceable), and generally played around with this thing. I had no troubles with connectivity to wifi networks or Bluetooth devices. The more I used it, the more I enjoyed it. It worked impressively well, even though I expected not to like it after my initial judgments.

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