World’s thinnest protective, minimalist iPhone case.

I’m often surprised by the different styles of cases I find for my iPhone. I typically sway towards the ones that protect but aren’t the ‘defender’ style cases. Military drop protection is great if you are the type of person that works a death-defying job, but for the regular old user, it’s a bit much most of the time. So, I like the cases that provide good all-around protection but are minimal in size and shape. After all, I’m not trying to ‘hide’ the natural beauty of the iPhone.

Given my interest in cases, I have, of course, come across the super minimalist cases like the one I’m reviewing today — the Slight case from Desmay. This case is THIN. And when I say that, I mean that it’s the world’s thinnest iPhone case measuring only 0.35mm thick. To put that into perspective, a standard piece of copy paper (20lb.) is approximately 0.1mm thick. So this case is only 3 pieces of paper thick! That said, it’s much stronger than you would think something that thin would be.

Desmay Slight iPhone Case

While the case doesn’t provide much in the way of impact protection, it’s ideal for scratch and ding protection. You can easily slide your phone and keys into a pocket and not have to worry about the back of your phone getting scratched up. With that in mind, the case itself will sustain damage. As a test, I scratched the case up (while it was off the phone) with a smooth key and some scratch marks did appear.

Desmay Slight iPhone Case

The case is very, very flexible, but it won’t tear. I was able to bend it and twist it around, but the Slight didn’t seem to falter or warp from its natural state. I’ve seen other cases like this, but there are two big differences. First, this case has a raised ridge around the camera of the phone for added protection. Second, this case feels much more firm than the other ‘thin’ case I have tried before. The other case did rip if it was bent too far and it really wasn’t much more than a film covering on the phone.

Desmay Slight iPhone Case

Installation is pretty easy. You simply slip the case over one of the corners and the rest of the case folds around the shape of the phone. The Slight case comes in three color choices — black, clear, and grey. The clear is really more of a translucent white color. You can partially see through it, but it’s not 100% clear. The black is a dead ringer for the matte black of the iPhone 7/7 Plus. When you put it on your phone you can’t even see that it’s there except for the fact that the Apple logo is covered.

Desmay Slight iPhone Case

The Slight case from Desmay is a nice minimalist option for iPhone case. It’s strong but very slim and it’s easy to see why someone who wants protection without the bulk would select this case. The only thing I would really caution about is screen protection. There isn’t any lip on the case to provide impact protection if the phone falls on its face. To combat this problem, I would suggest adding a screen protector to the phone.

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