Browse the Mac App Store for desktop apps on your iPhone.

Desktop Apps ScreenshotOriginally released in October of 2011, Desktop Apps is currently on version 1.7 and offers an easy way to search through the Mac App Store on the iPhone or iPad.

This app comes in handy by allowing users to search for apps from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad. Users can search by name or category, and review the details of the apps. You can share the apps’ links via email, Facebook or Twitter. The in-app purchases allow users to remove the ads.

The apps shows the prices of the apps and a short description on the search screen. Similar to the iTunes apps store, Desktop Apps also shows the Top Paid, Top Free and Top Grossing apps as potential categories.

All-in-all it’s a good app. It’s very easy to use and handy if you enjoy searching for apps. Sometimes for me, it is much easier to pick up my phone or iPad than my MacBook Pro simply to look for an app. If you are interested in searching for apps, give Desktop Apps a try.

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