Desklab is poised to be the most versatile portable workstation on the market.

Desklab is an ultra-thin, touchscreen portable monitor for work, travel, gaming, and more. Those with cluttered bags, briefcases, and backpacks have a reason to rejoice. The launch of Desklab, an all-in-one portable monitor, promises to eliminate the need for cables, speakers, dongles and more, putting all of these capabilities in one razor-thin package.

Desklab launched in November on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter and reached its funding goal of $5,000 in the first 5 minutes of its campaign. Enthusiasm for Desklab’s unrivaled capabilities, versatility, and portability soon caught on around the web. After only one week on the funding platform, the founders of Desklab are proud to have sailed past the $100,000 threshold.

“Desklab is revolutionary because it has really techy features like 4K LED picture, dual speakers, and smart mirroring but is still easy enough for anyone to use,” remarked a founder of Desklab. “Just plug and play, it’s that simple. We’re excited how Desklab is going to offer people a whole new way to work and play on the go, and we’re thrilled that our backers feel the same.” 

Desklab touts itself as much more than a portable touchscreen monitor. With a plethora of features not found in competing devices, Desklab combines all of the capabilities needed for on-the-go productivity in one package.

Perfect for freelancers, travelers, professionals, designers and more, Desklab can connect to any device via USB-C and boost productivity in an instant. With advanced mirroring technology, Desklab can become a second monitor or lend a desktop interface to your mobile device, allowing busy mobile users to escape bumbling thumbs and autocorrect and turn their phone into an easy-to-use workspace.

The advanced touch monitor is perfect for swiping on Netflix, typing, editing photos, and touching up fine details with a stylus. Desklab can also be used vertically and is ideal for coders and editors.

Desklab’s amazing 4K picture and dual-speaker sound make it the perfect tool for collaborating, impressing colleagues at meetings, or relaxing with some entertainment on the go. Thanks to its durable design, eye safety features, and energy efficiency, users will be able to enjoy Desklab anytime and anywhere without hassle.

Fully equipped with two HDMI ports, two USB-C ports, a Micro SD port, and a 3.5mm Aux port, Desklab is ready to transform any device into a 4K workstation. Say goodbye to expensive dongles and adapters and plug and play with Desklab. It even charges devices so users don’t have to worry about finding those precious outlets while on the move.

Optimized for gaming, Desklab is compatible with PS4, Xbox 1, Switch, and more. With a lightning-fast 10ms response rate, lag will never be a problem. Desklab also features twice the brightness of other monitors, so games and videos are enjoyable in any environment or time of day.

Thinner than an iPad and less than half the weight of MacBook Air, Desklab is the only touchscreen monitory that packs so many cutting-edge features into a razor-thin (and razor-sharp) model.

Discover Desklab today and take advantage of exclusive early-bird pricing of over 60% off at until Saturday, December 28, 2019, 10:57 AM CST.