Delete Email Address from Auto-Complete in OS X Mail

If you are like me then you practically live inside your email client. Because of heavy use I find myself loving Auto-Complete in the To: field of Mail. The problem with Auto-Complete is that once you send and receive lots of emails some less desirable ones start to pop-up as you enter address or names for your next mail message.

Previous-RecipientsThis can be fixed very easily in Apple’s OS X Mail client by simply clicking on Window in menu bar then selecting “Previous Recipients.” From here a box with every email you’ve sent or received from can be found. Search for the email in question and then choose the option “Remove from List.” This will simply remove it from being Auto-Completed the next time you enter a name or email close to it in the To: Field of mail. Previous-Recipients-2

Because people change their email address, because of changing jobs, picking up a new account, or whatever the reason maybe, this tip can come in very handy when auto-complete wants to enter the wrong address for you. This has been such a time saver.

Watch the how-to video below for a better understanding of how to remove email address from auto-complete.