Defender Holster Heavy-duty iPhone Case Review:

A very nice, inexpensive defender-style case.

Even though I’ve been a fan of cases on phones since I dropped my first iPhone, I’ve never tried the ‘defender’ series of cases from OtterBox or any other manufacturer. I’ve always found them too bulky and just not fitting to my lifestyle or personality. That being said, I’ve also thought cases like that are a necessary option for many people. I thought them to be a particularly good idea for professions like construction or even medical personnel. Cases like this can range upwards in price to around $60-$70. That’s why I like the Defender Holster Case for the iPhone 6 Plus from Lightning Knights.

The Defender Holster Case is the ideal design for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The phone rests comfortably inside the case’s inner shell. The entire set of the phone includes the belt holster and a 2-layer advanced design case (inner and outer shell). The corners of the case feature molded polycarbonate for additional protection against drops and other points of impact. The belt clip makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go and a built-in kickstand makes watching video extremely convenient.

Upon taking the Defender Holster Case out of the packaging, I was immediately struck with the weight. Even though it is meant to provide superior protection against heavy daily use, it’s incredibly lightweight. The outer shell is a very durable rubber material that folds neatly around the curves of the inner hard plastic shell.

The inner plastic shell is hard and somewhat difficult to open up. The plus side to this is that when you get your phone in place, you know that it’s not going to come out easily. It was a bit of a struggle to get the case open the first time, but putting it back together was a breeze. Once you line up the case with itself, it simply snaps into place. All the ports are accessible even though they are covered by the outer shell.

The Defender Holster Case from Lightning Knights is a very nice, heavy-duty case at an affordable price. The build is solid and I can recommend this to anyone who is looking into an inexpensive option for a defender-type case